Social Media For Politics

Listed below are articles I have written as reference and resource for Democrat, Libertarian, and Republican political candidates, and elected officials.

As I am currently located in Ohio, readers will notice slight a concentration on the Buckeye State, but most details are easily relative to other districts and states.

I first posed the question:

Do Ohio Elected Officials Kick Social Media Butt?

The above post led to a series of articles, linked below:

Your Blog As Your Social Media HQ

Groovy Graphics, Baby!

The Right Social Networks

It’s Not Broadcasting!

Draft To Win

Does Viagra Offer Relief From Electile Dysfunction?

Enlist & Empower

Be LIKEable & Sendable

Tweet & Hash!


Online Etiquette – Social Media Manners

Put Out Your Welcome Mat

Klout/Social Influence

A summary + bonus is offered here:

Rock It Like “The Boss”

Social Media happens and evolves in real time.  In serving the community, please remember our patient public:

How Porn Can Help Politics in 2012


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