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Four Logical Tips Every Smart Freelancer Should Use

Posted 21st of April 2022 by Idea Girl Media

Four Logical Tips Every Smart Freelancer Should Use outlined at Idea Girl Media

Every person that navigates the workplace dreams of exiting the office and succeeding as a freelancer. Control your time, profits are your own and no nagging boss, right? But it takes work and strategy. Start with four proven tips…

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Four Client Types You’ll Encounter as a Freelancer

Posted 25th of May 2021 by Idea Girl Media

Get to know these four client types and how to deal with the likes of them at Ideal Girl Media

In every client-freelancer relationship, there is one party that eventually gets difficult to deal with along the way. And yes, it can be the client. Find out more about these client types and learn how to interact and solve their issues once they arise…

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