Nowadays non-profit organizations have to think outside of the box when it comes to fundraising. I happened on some creative initiatives during my recent trip to Dayton, Ohio. But did the non-profit that was most creative miss a trick?

There’s been a lot going on lately…

You might have seen some of my posts of kooky things running through my head.  This morning, I was up before the ‘funky chicken’ clucked from my Droid.  I’m still getting in the groove, sipping my morning nectar.

I’ve been observing new technologies and participating in activities that will bring insight to my projects and also my work with new customers.  This past Friday, I was in Dayton, Ohio for an event where a groovy crew put together something involving people and businesses via mobile phones.  Intriguing and awesome!

Simultaneously, a more cultural event was in full swing on the sidewalks.  Something meant to be a bit more cultural in exploration.  There was an organization accepting donations for the opportunity to try playing their beautiful piano.  Food vendors lined the streets, art galleries had their doors open, and musicians were delighting patrons.  Restaurants kicked it up a notch – People were happy and the weather was beautiful!

The really interesting thing mixed in the middle of all of that…

The non-profit organization fundraising using a “peep show.”

Never saw this before.  But there was actually a storefront blocked out artistically with a small, circular window space left clear at eye level.  An individual collected dollar bills – those (mostly male) that donated were able to view a nude female.  Some would call this art.  I was a bit surprised to see this in Ohio — a ‘pennies for a peep’ sort of approach.

I’m not pointing a finger in outrage.  I’m not endorsing the idea.  But after pondering this, I am comfortable conveying that I think this group missed the boat.

Stay with me…

While there is an increase in men volunteering and participating in charitable efforts, women log more volunteer hours than men.  The woman posing in the window is proof.  In addition, women are historically more willing to contribute larger sums of money or fund-raise if they are involved in or feel connected to a project.

People have heard me kid about the luscious Paolo in the leopard skin thong that I wish would serve me mimosas in the hot tub.  Purely humor.  But I’m also a pretty active volunteer, and in any given year my charitable contributions are considerable and spread to various sources.  The odds an organization will receive more than $1 from me are good.

Back to the storefront – Why was there not a male posing as well?  Where was the opportunity for we women to view the profound beauty of the human form?

As a female making the effort to appreciate art, had they convinced me of the importance of their cause, I might have been willing to give $5 to this non-profit’s creative fundraising efforts.

Just sayin’. 😀

How many hours of community service do you log per year?  Is your non-profit considering all opportunities for attaining contributions?