12.5 Reasons To Hire Keri Jaehnig

Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media gives 12 reasons you should hire her!
I was raised by parents of German and Polish heritage — service-oriented, determined people.

My father served in the military and was discharged an Army Captain.  He later went on to become a Vice President of Sales for a Marriott company.  So, discipline, professionalism, and even sales techniques are part of my upbringing.

Advantages Of Working With Me at Idea Girl Media

1. Award-winning Social Media Professional

  • Received Honorable Mention in the Expert category, 2013 Small Business Influencer Awards.
  • Received Commendation from the Senate of the State of Ohio for Outstanding Attainment in Social Media, 2013.

2. Contributing Author At Leading Online Marketing Blogs

  • SteamFeed – Marketing, Social Media, and Tech Truths – Founding Author focusing on Facebook Marketing
  • Search Engine People – Canada’s #1 SEO, Digital Marketing & Inbound Marketing Site

3. Brands & Influencers Seek Me Out

Business Insider, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and other like publications contact me for my opinions and insights, and I am frequently invited to test social media and online marketing tools during beta phases before they are opened up to the public.

It was my privilege to interview Gary Vaynerchuk as he was finalizing his book, “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook,” and to review Mike Stelzner’s, “Launch.”

4. I Achieve Results!

  • Managed promotion for an event that led to a multi-million dollar investment.
  • Managed back-to-back #1 state-level social media campaigns for tourism.
  • Managed a 4-man highly contested political race, achieving 51% of votes.

5. Acknowledged for strong social business acumen

I mentor other social media professionals and business leaders.

In addition, my answer on Quora achieved top answer status for a question on Social Media Strategy: How Can You Tell A Good Social Media Strategist From A Bad One Before It’s Too Late?

6. Consistent Collaborator In The Social Space

I am honored to be chosen as a Sprout Social All Star, collaborating with other social media marketing professionals.

Leading a Facebook Community for small business owners and entrepreneurs, I’ve organized online events including, Game Of LikeJanuary JigMarvelous May, and Not Your Grandmother’s Facebook Friday.  These were all about connecting business professionals to collaborate, grow their business, and build their brand awareness.  Easily adapted or duplicated for my clients!

7. More than 20 years of business development experience

I’ve worked with big brands and small business, non-profits and government agencies.  So, my experience is diverse and transferable to many types of business scenarios – including regulated industries.

8. Content Creation Specialist

Simply post something to your social networks.  Or… We can post content that will trigger conversation and gets people talking!  That evolves on a daily basis, and I monitor your community and stay aware of trends through social listening to know what content your audience wants to see and engage with.

9. Successful  Social Media Crisis Management Experience

During a high-profile event receiving international media headlines (even still today), I steered social media communication away from negative sentiment from a client’s interests resulting in positive statements from their fans and followers.

10. Engagement Expert

Social media is not broadcasting.  It is two-way exchange.

I manage social communities to nurture conversation and develop relationships with brand ambassadors to talk about your brand.   (That is different than statements imported by third party apps onto a wall for the sake of posting something).

I meet your target audience where they are, when they are there to ignite engagement.  Engagement rates of online communities I manage are typically above industry averages.

11. 25 Million Amplified Reach

Through tribal marketing – I am consistently engaged with online marketing and social media influencers.  My collaborative network includes more than 800 respected business leaders in diverse marketing niches worldwide where brand messages can be shared across the entire social media landscape.

12. I Stand On My Desk

Have you seen the movie, “Dead Poet’s Society,” with Robin Williams?  In that film, the teacher challenges his students to stand on their desk to get a different view, perspective.  That inspired me to consistently challenge myself to examine and achieve what I can be doing even better.

I do the same for my clients.

12.5 If I Don’t Know The Answer, I Know Who To Ask Or Where To Go To Find It

Those that know me well would say I am resourceful.  But no one knows everything.  I’m networking everyday with experts and thought leaders, and you can count on it that I will leverage that for you as my client.

To sum it up…

In the words of Will Smith, “I’m not afraid to die on that treadmill.” 


I work until the assignment is complete to the most optimal result.  And I’ll work harder and faster to surpass the competition.  That means, if they’re standing, I sit down last.

If I’m doing my job, at some point I’ll be able to tell you things about you or your company that you didn’t know.


So there you are – 12.5 reasons to hire Keri Jaehnig and Idea Girl Media!

Learn more about me

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