Facebook Friday – Holiday 2013

Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media hosts Facebook Friday - Holiday 2013 for Likeable League Facebook Group

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Why Facebook Friday – Holiday 2013 – For Likeable League?

In short: To spread a little Facebook Friday goodwill!

The Likeable League is all about encouraging “likeable” social media.  And, with all the scurry of the holiday season, a few minutes for Facebook Friday statuses will be just the thing to keep Facebook Pages fresh in the news feed for our fans, and help Likeable League members continue to know each other better!  🙂

Note: This activity is not meant to take away from any Facebook Fan Page Friday activities out there.  More, to compliment what is already happening online.

Here’s How Facebook Friday – Holiday 2013 Works

Rules of the road:

1. Participants must be members of the Facebook Group, Likeable League.  Those not already members can request membership here.

2. Participants will simply post in the Likeable League Facebook Group each week on Friday (as part of a conversation thread) a specific post on their Facebook Page where they want members to go to like, share, interact, etc.

3. It is not required to participate each week, but if a member posts in the conversation thread, they MUST support others’ posts in return for receiving support.

4. Easier activities are saved for the later weeks in the holiday season to be most user-friendly to all participants.

5. This is NOT about “click my link,” or “buy my stuff.”  It’s about awareness of other members, encouraging collaborative relationships, and helping boost each others’ social presence during a time when Facebook Pages compete in the news feed.  You may lead to other pages on the web.  Be willing to do yourself what you are asking of others.

6. Facebook Friday Pictures or branded graphics are encouraged to make it easier for Likeable League members to find and interact with your Facebook Posts or Facebook Tabs.

7. All activity will be on Facebook Pages (not personal profiles) for this online event.  Individuals may opt to share on other social networks like Twitter, Pinterest, etc., but our main artery is the Facebook Page.

8. Social media managers may opt to engage in the activity on behalf of a client.  BUT, the client’s personal profile must be a member of the Likeable League group and attached to a Facebook Page.  The social media manager should then alert the Facebook Group moderator that this is the case.  (So, if you do not have a Facebook Page yourself…)

All’s fair in love & Facebook:

Lets keep it fair and reasonable…

There will be six (6) Fridays during this online event.  You may choose up to ONE of the following for your fellow participants to interact with during the season:

  • Facebook Friday Coupon
  • Facebook Friday Giveaways
  • Facebook Friday Contest

(It will probably be more user-friendly for you too)

As a participant, you will want to be sure to post something on your Facebook Page no later than  Thursday evenings or Friday mornings so that fellow Facebook Friday participants can swoop in and support you easily.  Themes below…

The Schedule:

* November 22, 2013 – Sign up

* November 29, 2013 – Wild Card (Prepare a post that helps others get to know you and your business.  They can like, share or comment).

* December 6, 2013 – Comment on a post

* December 13, 2013 – Share a post to whatever social network fits best

* December 20, 2013 – Like a post

* December 27, 2013 – Finale (post graphics or screen shots of favorite moments in the Likeable League Group)

So, lets have some good clean Facebook Friday – Holiday 2013 fun at the Likeable League this season!

A Prelude To Facebook Friday – Holiday 2013

The Likeable League evolved from the Facebook Game Of Like online event a few years ago.  That social media activity was about helping small business owners new to social media learn new techniques, and help them develop “Likeable” social media profiles.

We went on to do January Jig – An online activity featuring 26 professionals on the Idea Girl Media Facebook Page to bring awareness to their causes and passions.

It didn’t stop there – We also made a Marvelous May for creative entrepreneurs to partner up and offer an opportunity to the public with their team work.

Have questions about any of the above?

Post them in the Likeable League Facebook Group. 🙂

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