Marvelous May

Idea Girl Media held an online event for small business owners to network and collaborate in their niches to make a difference

 What Was Marvelous May?

Marvelous May Facebook Event Description:

Are you a small biz owner & want to meet others willing to promote you on Facebook? Want your content & ideas highlighted on this Page?

Want to win a $25 Starbucks Gift Card?? Play “Marvelous May!”

During May we’ll connect, collaborate & promote – At your own pace…


Marvelous May Activity Schedule:

May 5-9: Like everyone’s page; Find your partner (must be at least 60 miles away from your location & not in your exact same industry)

Here is the list of participating pages:

May 7-19: Partner up & create your winning collaborative idea to promote small businesses online (see this post for exact details:

List your partnerships here:

May 9-19: Bonus questions, scavenger hunt, FUN! 😀 {These activities determine $25 GC winner}

May 19: Submit ideas (via Message function at Idea Girl Media)

May 20-22: Vote on best collaborative idea submitted until 8pm ET.

See all 6 ideas here:

May 23: Project & $25 gift card winner announced at Idea Girl Media Page.

June 2012: Winning pair ALSO WINS Idea Girl Media Timeline Cover space for the entire month of June!! (special graphic created)

—> This event page will serve as an event HQ & updates and additional information will appear here. Check back frequently to learn the latest info!

Idea Girl Media:

Original Post Signaling event:

Marvelous May Event Details:

Original Facebook Event Page:

The idea was to offer something fun and collaborative before the end of the 2012 school year, before people started checking out of online activities in lieu of summer fun.  The idea was depict of Game Of Like, but with a more casual approach.

  • 35+ small business owners participated.
  • 6 collaborative projects were explored.
  • Most at least tried the Scavenger Hunt.

A secondary goal of the Facebook event: To observe the “Talking About This” numbers for the Idea Girl Media Facebook Page.  Just as with previous Facebook Events, the numbers increased, though not as much, as Marvelous May had a smaller group of people involved.

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