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Idea Girl Media is known for excellent presentation, as well as a strong background in public relations, non-profit management, and brand development. As such our social media training is designed to offer you top-notch social media education.

We offer training on-site for groups or as individual coaching sessions. We’re also happy to provide One-on-One sessions either in-person or via the digital medium of your choice.

We’ll pass along a unique edge to you that will shift your efforts to result-oriented actions, so you and your business or organization surpass your competition!

Social Media Training For the DIY-er

Designed for the small business owner or non-profit stakeholder looking to jump-start DIY efforts and turn the light bulb on to successful social media.

Topic Choices:

  • Facebook Basics
  • Facebook Engagement
  • Tweet Like A Rockstar
  • Link Up On LinkedIn
  • Plus Your Google Love
  • Be Pinteresting
  • Boost Your Image On Instagram
  • You’re A Star On YouTube
  • Social Media Q&A
  • Bodacious Blogging

Sessions are one hour blocks and can be paired or grouped; Workshop style.

Can be paired or lumped together to cater to groups of small business owners & entrepreneurs.  Location to be decided.

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One-On-One Social Media Training

This is personalized coaching to take your personal and solopreneurial social networking to the next level.  Like those piano lessons you took as a kid — But much more fun!  🙂

We’ll go over basics, head on through intermediate, and give you the tools and techniques to meet your goal of managing your social platforms on your own.

This is perfect for those new to social media, small business owners just getting started in online marketing, public figures wishing to ignite their online presence, and social media enthusiasts that wish for a bit of hand-holding in the early stages.

This can be done in-person, via Skype, Google+ Hangout, and in some cases over the phone

30 or 60 minute blocks.

Ready for a personal coach?

If you are interested in detailed learned of multiple social networks or believe a longer term exploration might be comfortable for you, consider the social media mentoring program.

Onsite Social Media Training – Group Coaching

Looking for an opportunity to rejuvenate your staff?

Need to start educating your staff on social business?

This is a beginning opportunity for your group to learn a new skill that benefits your organization.

We’ll audit your processes, help formulate your organization’s strategy, and provide insight on setting up beneficial profiles & communication channels.

Some basic materials provided; Custom tailored for your small group.

Some Social Media Training Topic Choices:

  • Social Media Basics.
  • Using Social Media as a Team.
  • Social Media for Non-profits.
  • Fabulous Facebook!
  • Collaborative Online Events.
  • Integrating Social Media & Email Marketing.
  • Google+ Advantage.
  • Your Blog, Social Media HQ.
  • Cross-Pollinating Your Message Over Multiple Social Platforms.
  • Managing A Social Media Crisis.
  • Social Media for Political Candidates.

Additional Social Media topics available.

Can accommodate larger groups – contact me for custom plan and quote.

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Feel like your organization has a basic knowledge, and you would like to build to more a social business structure?  Consider my Social Business Training program.

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