What’s In My Cup?

Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media hosts online events & the fun game, "What's In My Cup?" each Sunday evening on Facebook at 9pm EST.

Caffeinated Online Events

“What’s In My Cup?” is a game played on the Idea Girl Media Facebook Page every Sunday evening at 9:00pm EST.  It’s not one of your ordinary online events.  The purpose is: FUN – And, we feature one lucky person and their Facebook Page each week.

What’s In My Cup – Background

The game is actually an adaptation of the Dayton, Ohio radio station game called, “What’s In My Shirt?”  Back in the day, people would call in from all over the Miami Valley and try and guess what was in the female DJ’s shirt.  She would give clues, and the guesses were limitless, for a few hours each week.  Most of the time, the item in her shirt (not really) was anything but what you’d think!

Examples: Airplane, curling iron, gym shoe, theater tickets, perfume — That’s just scratching the surface.  A hoot!

What’s In My Cup – Now

You may have noticed that things we used to do “in real life” are now online events.

These days everybody’s on….  Facebook!  It’s where we check in first in the morning, we carry it around on our mobile phone, and chances are, if we’re watching television, we may be catching up on Facebook at the same time.

As a Facebook Marketing and Social Media Consultant, my Facebook Page exists as a resource for business owners and social media enthusiasts to learn of social media news, and tips on how to grow their business by engaging their Facebook audience.

Idea Girl Media sponsors online events on Facebook quite successfully, and helps business owners connect with collaborative partnerships.  As Facebook changed, and Page admins spoke increasingly of needed support and ideas to promote their Facebook Pages in a frugal way, it only made sense to offer a way to feature business owners and their Facebook Pages.  “What’s In My Cup?” offers a new, exciting way to do that to do that, through short, weekly online events.

Why A Cup?

Idea Girl Media is about social media.  In the social space, and at the Idea Girl Media Facebook Page, we talk about coffee and the love of coffee quite a bit.  Who needs shirt, when we can put something groovy in a cup???  😀

How It Works

  • At 9:00pm EST on Sundays hop over to the Idea Girl Media Facebook Page.
  • A picture of a coffee cup or mug will be there with a brief introduction.
  • The featured Business Page Admin will post 4 clues on that post (conversation).
  • Keri (Idea Girl) gives hints to help you guess.
  • Everyone playing gets unlimited guesses until someone guesses correctly.
  • The first correct guess WINS the next feature spot!

The game sometimes moves fast, but it’s a great time!

How To Be A Fantastic Featured Guest

No online events course needed.  It’s really pretty simple…

  • Join us for a game of “What’s In My Cup?” once or twice to get the hang of it.
  • Choose a favorite mug and take a photo.
  • Decide what’s inside (make it FUN!).
  • Email me the photo of your favorite mug with 4 clues of what’s inside by Wednesday evening before your feature Sunday.
  • Share with your social networks how much fun you’re going to have (even if you just post & re-tweet my stuff).
  • Be at my Facebook page by 9pm EST on YOUR Sunday to post your clues.
  • HAVE FUN & be ready to plug your business once we have a winner!

It really is most effective when you share with your audience too.  The more the merrier!  🙂

Of course, I’d be open to attending and helping you with your online events.

What’s In It For You (My commitment)

It’s a partnership – We’re in it together.  Online events work best when there is collaboration to give it gusto!

When I do this, I tag your page & you get exposure with my audiences.

Before, I promote each “What’s In My Cup?” on my social networks:

  • Facebook – Profile & Page.
  • Twitter – Two accounts.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Google+
  • Groups on my social networks where I belong (as appropriate).

During, I’m there to drive conversation with you, and we hammer it out until someone guesses.

We’ve seen as high as 100+ comments in our Facebook conversation thread — Which related to the outreach of that single business brand!  Not too shabby!

Afterward, you get your opportunity to invite people to your Facebook Page and briefly talk about exciting things coming up for your business.  You should also see me stop by your page and give it a little “like-love.”


Does My Cup Have To Be Fancy?

Nooooooo!  Your cup can be a simple paper cup if you like — Below is the image I used for the first game.

The First "What's In My Cup?" image for the popular Facebook game and online events hosted by Keri Jaehnig each Sunday evening at 9:00 PM EST.

What’s In My Cup – Philosophy

No online events management courses.

No online events registration.

Not even an official online events calendar.

The KISS method:

Collaborate, show up, have fun!  🙂

Be Featured on “What’s In My Cup?”

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