Guest Post Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in sharing your wisdom at Idea Girl Media!

What is a good fit for a guest post at

Typically, we have an existing relationship with those that have published here, though we have made exceptions. The keys would be: Like interest, and mutual benefit.

Topic Categories We Will Consider:

  • Social Media
  • Marketing
  • Social Advertising
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Tools
  • Startups & Small Business Advice
  • Business Brands – Case Studies

Topics We May Consider If It Ties With The Categories Above:

  • Coffee
  • Travel
  • Chocolate
  • Ohio
  • Wine
  • Real Estate
  • Design
  • Green Industries
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Innovation
  • Help For Non-profits

 What ARE We Looking For?

  • Real people doing real things to write about, with reasonably established social profiles that are theirs.
  • Content that serves as a resource to brands and business owners that your friends, colleagues, and even your grandmother would want to share.
  • Good grammar, varied sentence length, correct spelling, and sensible paragraph structure.
  • Know how to please the “Google Gods?” We love that!
  • Well-formatted content. Know when to hold ’em, know when to bold ’em, know when to walk in with a set of bullet points, and know when to run with an h2 or h3. (If you picked up a little Kenny Rogers there, we’re on to something)
  • Provoking Image(s) – Posts with an image or two that correlates with the topics and intrigues the reader. G and PG-13, please.
  • Original content. Period.
  • Value for our readers.  In turn, external links to information that offers REAL value for the reader.
  • Cover new ground. In other words, show us something not already covered in a previous post on this blog.
  • Material with a shelf-life. Evergreen, if you will.
  • A tone, or voice, that fits with previous blog entries.

A few examples of guest posts on our blog:

What Is NOT A Good Fit?

  • Hot social media news that will change in a few months. We want people to smile about your contributions for awhile, right?
  • Poor grammar and text message abbreviations.
  • Overly-promotional content. (Examples: Landing pages, sales pages & pricing pages).
  • Sponsored content where we have no relationship to the brand, product or entity. (Coupons for Hamburger Helper, Sweepstakes, Seasonal promotions, etc. Media without words).
  • Material that could be construed as a link-building scheme.
  • Foul language.
  • Content that is critical, highly opinionated, or could be offensive to any group or population.
  • Links to downloads for sole benefit of the host.
  • Spammy link building efforts.

Still reading?

Is an Advertorial more what you’re looking for?

If you wish to feature connection to business profiles and brand links, rather than an individual guest authorship, you are probably looking for an “advertorial.”

These are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and arranged separately.  Please contact us here, with the words, “Advertorial Request,” in the subject title.   ↓



Submission Guidelines

    • Be original. No scraped or recycled content – No exceptions! Also, content placed at Idea Girl Media should not be duplicated later at any other locations online. Our goal is to comply with current Google protocols. (Questions, feel free to ask).
    • You must own the rights or have permission to use any image included in a post. Want to use your own images? Groovy (as long as their eye-pleasing).
      Post should be in a Word document formatted in the way you envision the post appearing when published.
    • 500-1200 words. Posts less than 500 words will be evaluated on a case by case basis, but are not of high interest.
    • Posts must be accompanied by a 600 x 300 lead image – include this in the Word document. Preferably with your name discretely on it with our website easily identifiable. Example: 5 Ways You Can Improve Your Ecommerce Website
    • Ideally the post will have a relating image for each 500 words. More is acceptable, depending on the type of content. Video is okay, but we reserve the right not to include the video, with communication, of course. Please link to the video in the Word document.
    • Outbound links within the post – Two to three, unless otherwise discussed.
    • Include a short bio at the bottom of your word document (2-3 sentences). You may include up to two links to a social media profiles in your bio.
    • Website links are not allowed in author bios (we offer links within your post so they should not appear here).
    • Also include a head shot so we can feature you as the guest post author. Ideally this will NOT be a stock photo, and will actually be YOU. LinkedIn photos are great. Please include in the Word document if submitting online.
  • You can submit your post via the website here.

A Few More Things

  • Each submission is reviewed and approved or denied, as best fits.
  • The person that contacts us is the individual listed as the author.  Don’t tell us that YOU would like to submit a post, and then submit a post with someone else’s name on it.  Not cool!
  • Author bios are about the author, not about a business or profession.
  • We reserve the right to edit slightly for SEO & key word purposes only. Additions are discussed with the author prior to publish, unless very minor where meaning & structure are left in tact.
  • If you’ve followed the guidelines above, we would work toward the most optimal publish date for the content.
  • Publish date may not be immediate, but our goal is to publish qualifying posts in a timely manner.
  • We would plan to share the post frequently in the first week, and into the future, offering you credit and exposure for your work. We hope you would share the post with enthusiasm as well. 🙂

How To Get Your Guest Post Published Quicker At Idea Girl Media

  • Provide a lead image that fits the theme and coloring of previous guest post lead images
  • Submit original text that has not been published elsewhere
  • Optimize text for our agreed key word
  • Provide attractive images for within your text (have permission to use before submitting)
  • Include links to resources that add value for the reader (not only marketing for your cause)
  • Include an author bio for you, your actual self, with up to two social network links
  • Include a headshot for you, your actual self (not a stock photo), to accompany your author bio
  • Do not include links to sales pages, landing pages, marketing pages, or pricing pages

NOTE: We have had a lot of requests for guest posts, so we are often 4-6 weeks from a publish date.  Following the guidelines – Especially those immediately above – WILL decrease your wait time.

If you can live with the above, and it a mutually good fit, we would stay open to future blog post submissions or similar collaborative projects.

For us, it’s about the relationship. We would hope when we hit publish our contact does not end.  🙂


Should we talk some more?         Submit your Post


Is an Advertorial more what you’re looking for?

If you wish to feature connection to business profiles and brand links, rather than an individual guest authorship, you are probably looking for an “advertorial.”

These are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and arranged separately.  Please contact us here, with the words, “Advertorial Request,” in the subject title.  🙂


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