Social Media Followers Is it ALL in a Number?

Posted 1st of December 2010 by Keri Jaehnig

Endless seats in a cinema. Do your social media numbers count for anything if they are not targeted?

It’s been said by well-known users of social media that at the end of the day, those with the most friends and social media followers wins.  Which goes along with the general rules of basketball: The more you shoot the more baskets you’ll make.  The same with theatre – The more people in the audience, the louder the applause.

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Extending Your Customer’s Experience Through Social Media

Posted 1st of December 2010 by Keri Jaehnig

Men on a bridge possibly immigrating to a new culture this moving and building community in a new culture can be equated with social media

I have a degree in Business and training in Non-profit Development, which gives me some fantastic insights into the building of community and the extending your customer’s experience. This can all be easily translated to your social media marketing activities…

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