Are you launching a pet brand startup or transitioning your hobby into a business? If you’re looking for branding tips for small businesses in the pet industry – or any industry, really – this article will help you…

Small Business Branding Tips Especially For The Pet Industry

The pet industry is a great sector for new businesses. It’s also relatively recession-proof because people will always have pets that need loving. Whether you are making:

  • Food products
  • Pet health care products
  • Toys

There is a lot of competition out there. So it’s vital your business branding is appropriate for both your niche and the world of pet enthusiasts.

Small Business Branding Tips Especially For The Pet Industry

Just like any industry, in the pet industry you need to build trust. Customers need to know that your product will be good for their pet. They will start making a judgment about that as soon as they interact with your brand.

So, here are three branding tips for businesses in the pet industry.

Focus On Health

If you’re selling pet food products, you need to put some serious thought into your packaging. Good quality packaging that keeps food fresh is necessary for several reasons. Visit for more information.

You also need to consider the message your brand sends about the quality of the food. The primary focus should be on the health of each and every pet.

People are increasingly concerned about the contents of their pet food, and the market is moving towards natural ingredients. If you want your pet brand to be a success, health should be the priority.

Use Sustainable Materials

Sustainability is a huge priority for all businesses right now because it’s top of mind for the consumer. Finding ways to reduce your environmental impact is important. Start by looking at your manufacturing process.

If you make pet toys out of plastic, for example, you will alienate many potential customers. The thing is, there are plenty of great products that are made from wood instead, and they’re just as effective.

When you are designing products, consider the sustainability of the materials. Highlight this in your brand messaging.

Tell A Story About Quality Of Life

Pet owners want their pets to be happy. That’s not news to anybody. So, if you are creating pet products, you need to focus on quality of life. Tell a story.

When creating marketing materials and designing packaging for your products, find ways to show your customer how much their pet’s life could be improved by purchasing your product. Sometimes, that’s about their health. But it’s also about their general comfort and wellbeing.

There’s a reason why most pet products have a picture of a happy pet on the front. Even though it’s important that you design something unique that makes your brand stand out, don’t stray too far from established themes.

Top Pet Industry Brand Strategy: If your company’s branding doesn’t show the consumer the end result of buying your product is a happy pet, it could have a big impact on your sales.

Branding Tips: How To Create A Brand Identity In The Pet Industry

People often underestimate how difficult it is to get the branding for a pet business right. It’s not just a case of putting some pictures of a dog on the packaging.

Pet owners are dedicated to making sure their pet is happy and healthy, so building trust is absolutely vital. Your company’s branding is the best way to start building that trust. So, read and research all the branding design tips and get it right.