Before you publicize your company is hiring, there are five points to consider regarding business culture, management style, screening and expectations. Discover how to get the right employee every time you hire…

Get The Right Employee For Your Business Every Time You Hire

You might start your business as a one-person operation, but in all likelihood and with a bit of luck, it won’t stay that way. You’ll need to bring other team members on board so your business can reach its full potential.

The problem is that all employees are not created equal. There are skilled self-starters, and less-focused members of staff. Worst case scenario: Unmotivated employees can cause serious harm to the moral and functionality of your business.

So how to get the right employee for your business? In this article, we’ll take a look at a few tried and tested methods.

Get The Right Employee For Your Business Every Time You Hire

What Do You Want?

You can’t blame someone for failing to reach the standards you set if you were not clear about that when you hired them. A trusted member of staff is clear on why you hired them.

So when you’re thinking about hiring an employee, think about what you want them to do within your company. Provide them with a clearly defined job description. In turn, you’ll have map from which to measure their performance. 

Job Descriptions

There is one mistake too many companies often make: Poorly worded job descriptions. Some job descriptions automatically repel the best quality candidates. In that case, all you’re left with are, well, the rest.

What is a good and bad job description?

The well-crafted ask for skills from their candidates, but they also tell their candidates what the company can do for them. A less than stellar job description will be a long list of demands, without ever mentioning why the candidate would want to work for that company.

The best talent already know they have value to offer. Don’t push them away!

Culture Fit

You might be considering someone who is, on paper, an excellent candidate. Yet would be wholly wrong for your company. Why?

It’s all about the fitting your company culture. Hopefully by the time you are at a point of hiring new staff you will have mapped a clearly defined corporate culture.

When you’re interviewing an employee, think about how they will fit within your business’ environment:

  • Do they embrace your company’s values?
  • Will they connect with your team members?
  • How will they be perceived by your customers?

So, for instance, if you’re a traditional company, then a young and vibrant college grad looking to grow with a trendy startup might not work well. 

Who Are They Really?

You’d like to think that you can always take a person at their word. Alas, that’s not the case.

Take steps to protect your business from potential liability and conflict. Conduct thorough screening on each candidate you are serious about hiring:

  • Follow up on the references that they provide
  • Reach out to other sources that look relevant to their work history
  • Do a criminal background check

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If they pass all of those tests, then you’ll can be more comfortable that they are trustworthy. 

Get The Right Employee By Evaluating Your Management Style

In order to get the right employee on your team, you need to have a firm understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and yourself as a manager. Take a heartfelt look at your management style. If it’s restrictive, consider opening up a little.

Taking internal steps first will help your employees bring their best to the table. And that can only help your company.