Looking at new office spaces to grow your business? Here are two important factors to consider before you finalize that trendy downtown glass-walled office with a view…

Would A Glass-walled Office With A View Be A Blessing Or A Curse For You Business Growth?

There are many things to consider when growing a business. First, your solo pursuit might be to expand the number of employees.

To be the best boss possible, you’ll need to research the responsibilities which come with that. And, your team isn’t the only thing that will grow. You’ll also eventually need to consider expanding your office space. After all, office expansion is an essential aspect of growing your brand.

For obvious reasons, the majority of us assume a spacious glass-walled office in a skyscraper is the most optimal situation. Luxurious even. True, there is no denying that offices like these have a “WOW” factor.

But, before you sign that lease, consider the downsides of such an option. These office spaces have advantages as well as disadvantages for your team.

Before you sign the lease on a glass-walled office, consider the situations below. 

Would A Glass-walled Office With A View Be A Blessing Or A Curse For You Business Growth? Find out at Idea Girl Media

Image Credit: Viktor Jakovlev

Unhappy Employees

Your employees will be over the moon when they find out you’re relocating to THAT office. But, that happiness could fade once they face the realities of working in a glass box. And, given how vital employee happiness is, you really should consider this.

Here are two factors that could make your team unhappy:

  • The exposure. Your staff aren’t performing monkeys. But, that’s what they could feel like in a low-level glass office. The quality of work could soon start slipping as a result. The good news is, you could opt for a high-level office with limited visibility. If it’s too late for that, consider commercial window tinting. This feature will offer some privacy, even in a lower level office space. 
  • The heat. Glass attracts heat, and your staff will have to handle that. No one works well under conditions with warmer temperatures. Luckily, tinting can also detract UV and keep the heat at bay. Alternately, you could offer the option of remote work on the hottest days or weeks to keep everyone happy.

The Extra Costs

Note, that glass-walled offices and lots of windows can bring unexpected expenses. Those heat levels mean your air conditioner will need to work double-time to keep temperatures down.  Add to that the trend of glass partition walls and glass office cubicles, and it could be a challenge. So, you really need to weigh that when considering office spaces.

Note, too, that windows need cleaning, and higher level offices need specialist equipment. Hence, you may face some steep service costs.

The best way around this would be to speak with the owner of the building. See if you can come to an agreement where all tenants share the costs of window cleaning for the whole building. 

Is A Glass-walled Office Space The Right Option?

Do the above points mean a glass-walled office space could never be for you and your business? Not at all. But, it is worth calculating the pros and cons. If the obstacles are too many, you may be best looking for a more modest option that better suits your needs.  

It just may be the trendy downtown office is best planned a bit down the road in your company’s future.