Have you grown your business, and now looking for online customer service tips? Here are four clever ways to ace your brand’s customer experience strategy…

How To Improve Your Online Customer Service And Please Your Customers

Running a business comes with many highs and lows. Some highs include watching all of your hard work pay off and your business flourish, while lows can consist of not meeting your sales goals for the month.

Whatever the case, one of the best ways to improve your business and ensure it grows is by delivering impeccable customer service. Beyond the saying that the customer is always right, there are several ways you can excel, which includes continuously looking for ways to improve the overall customer experience.

Most companies facilitate at least some component of their business through the Internet.  In turn, let’s discuss four clever ways to improve your online customer service… 

Ask For Feedback

One of the easiest ways to improve online customer service is by finding out what the customers themselves want. You can do this by asking for customer feedback.

Sometimes this can seem challenging, as people seldom want to take a few additional minutes to share their thoughts. However, there are ways to motivate customer response.

Some tips for getting customer feedback include:

  • Choosing the right platform
  • Figuring out which questions work best
  • Offering something in return (a prize or gift)

And ensuring you send surveys to the right people.

Good customer feedback should help you find the most effective ways to improve your service.

Be Reliable

Another important aspect of delivering good customer service is reliability. If you want your customers to have faith and confidence in your brand, it’s important that you display integrity as an online business.

This means that you must ensure that your drop shipping wholesalers are reliable and that you’re able to deliver what and when you say you will.

If you happen to be stocking products and delivering them on your own, then the same applies. In that case, look for ways to improve your internal operations and logistics. This is imperative if you want happy customers who trust your ability to deliver.

Strengthen Your Team’s Skills

It is likely that you have a team of telephone and online customer service reps on standby waiting to answer any inquiries or concerns from customers. It is important that you look for ways to continuously train them and update their skills.

Key areas to focus on when attempting to improve their customer service include:

  • Empathy
  • Clear communication
  • Patience
  • Knowledge of brand products and services

And determination.

All of these skills should help improve their interactions with customers so that they are both satisfied and happy. Other ways of strengthening their skills include showing them examples of great customer service, shadowing them and giving feedback, as well as including them in your customer experience strategy.

Whether you run an online or offline business, customer service is extremely important. Especially when your business is based online because often is the first point of contact prospective customers will have with your business. You should, therefore, invest time and effort to ensure that the first impression is one positively remembered, as this paves way to growing your customer base and recruiting loyal customers. 

Social Customer Service

Most companies serious about the success of their business are present on social media. Utilizing the right platforms is key.

It is possible to save money on customer service related expenditures by correctly executing an online customer service strategy.

Big brands have been successful on Twitter by creating a special account just for customer service inquiries.  Facebook offers opportunities to handle such conversations on-Page with easy options to take the conversation to private message and email.  Additionally, many brands have created chatbots via Facebook Messenger – Which can be both efficient and frugal.

The most important factor on social media is being very responsive. Statistics show that, depending on the platform, customers expect a reply within minutes.