So, you’re the owner of the company, so along with the other hats you wear, you’re also the talent acquisition executive, right? Here are four starting steps that will help you avoid costly mistakes and grow your business…

4 Talent Acquisition Skills Needed By Business Owners

When you own a business, your job is to get everything running smoothly if you want to achieve success. Even the slightest little error in one aspect can be detrimental to your entire day, week, month or quarter. The prospect of making a lot of money after creating something out of nothing is an enticing one, but it comes with many responsibilities.

One of the big responsibilities you’re faced with as an owner or member of management is employee recruitment. Being at the top of the pyramid means that, when it’s time for more staff, you are the one responsible — for the success or the failure.

Your ideal job candidates need to:

  • Be competent
  • Fit the characteristics you’re looking for in a person
  • Share the same vision for the company

And other characteristics.

As someone in the pressurized position of choosing potential employees, you might feel as though it’s a tough decision. That’s understandable – you gather the full know-how through sheer experience. However, you can learn before stepping into the process.

Some entrepreneurs are ready to bring on more team members, but they are not quite ready for a talent acquisition company. So, let’s take a closer look at talent acquisition and how to choose the perfect candidate for your job.

Check Their Resume

The first phase is always to gather resumes and go through the applicants’ skills and experience. While you should look for the person that has the most decorated resume, you should also inspect their tidiness.

Now, that might sound pedantic, but organization is a super important asset. Someone with a jumbled and cluttered resume may, in turn, bring that kind of disruption to the workplace.

Phone Interview

An introductory chat over the phone is a great idea. You can learn more about somebody through exclusive verbal conversation. You can also subconsciously evaluate them based on the little things they say and the confidence in their approach.

Conducting a phone screen interview isn’t going to give you all of the answers to the questions or doubts you may have, but you can definitely get a clear idea for narrowing the field of prospective employees. 

Use Past Experiences Of Talent Acquisition

To be in the position you are now, you must’ve been through the process many times before – albeit from the other side. So, you have been part of others’ talent acquisition strategies with hands-on experience.

Use your personal insight and experience. Also, if you’ve tried to recruit people in the past, then you can take any problems you’ve had in the past and amend them here.

Don’t Pressure Them, Let Them Flourish

During the interviewing stage, you may feel inclined to apply a bit of pressure to see how each candidate handles a situation. That’s a good tactic for latter phases of screening.

Once you have tested their abilities give them the chance to finish strong. Take the opportunity to see the skills and confidence in someone by letting them show you their interviewing skills. Ask them to walk you through a proud achievement.

When people have their self-esteem heightened, they often show their true talent.