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Is Dolly Parton’s DreamMore Resort Conducive To A Mobile Lifestyle?

Posted 4th of December 2021 by Keri Jaehnig

Is Dolly Parton's DreamMore Resort Conducive To A Mobile Lifestyle? Keri Jaehnig at Idea Girl Media answers that question for you!

More and more people are drawn to the mobile lifestyle. Especially entrepreneurs, already living a laptop lifestyle. Working from their laptops, so they can work from anywhere! In turn, an increasing number of hotels are catering to the mobile lifestyle of people. You can decide if Dolly Parton’s DreamMore Resort is one of them…

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Building an Online Presence As A Small Business

Posted 7th of June 2021 by Idea Girl Media

Learn how you can build your online presence and utilize it well here at Idea Girl Media.

You would be hard pressed to find a business that either does not have a website, a social media account, or both. If you happen to be one, this is your signal to take action. But how to build an online presence for your local business? Here’s what you should focus on…

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