Do you want to succeed as a copywriter, content marketing professional or other type of writer? A master’s degree is your ticket to the top…

Master’s Degree Courses Are An Asset For Copywriters And Content Marketers

From a role of a copywriter who can write about ten different topics a day, to the optimistic screenwriter who is dreaming of working in Hollywood, to the content marketing professional working in an agency, there are thousands, if not millions, of people around the world who call themselves a career writer. If you want to pursue a career in this varied, hands-on, creative profession, then you need to seriously consider pursuing a master’s degree.

Going down the postgrad route can be a challenge, but plants seeds for later career success in.  Below, we’ll outline a few reasons why a master’s degree is essential for your writing career.

Master’s Degree Programs Offer More In-depth Study

Everybody, regardless of whether they want to forge a career in producing content or not, will need at least some education when it comes to writing. Creatives must build on the standard level of teaching they receive at grade school and high school to be successful as a writer.

This route will most likely involve a bachelor’s degree in the field. However a master’s degree takes studies one step further, providing pathways to specialties and expertise.  Once your course work is complete, you will have the skill set, knowledge, and experience to stand out from the your peers.

There are definite advantages to achieving a Master’s in Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing. Programs like the one offered by St Francis College focus on how pieces of writing are put together for larger projects. Students also learn how to manipulate word choice to tell the memorable stories – storytelling – which is a key element needed for copywriting and content marketing, as well as more creative roles. 

A good master’s degree program is structured with highly experienced lecturers, seminars, and group studies.

Meet Like-minded Individuals

Nothing will help you to grow and learn as a writer like being surrounded by people who are in a same or similar position as you. It should be possible to find people of like mindset your master’s degree classes if you put in the effort to network.

At this level of study, it is a safe bet classmates will be as committed to study as you are, as everybody in the class will have had to sacrifice something to be there.

A master’s degree takes hard work and commitment. This means you will be surrounded by like-minded learners. Most likely, your classmates would also have interest in stepping into an innovative world of work. 

Also, in a master’s class, you will be afforded the opportunity to share ideas with other writers in a safe, collaborative, and critical environment. This will help you hone your craft in the best way possible.

Master’s Degree In Writing

Regardless of whether your goal is to become a:

  • Published author
  • Copywriter
  • Ghostwriter
  • Poet
  • Screenwriter

Or the lead at your own content marketing agency, the need for you to pursue a master’s degree in writing should be strongly encouraged. By doing so, you’ll receive an enviable in-depth writing and learning experience. You’ll also find yourself surrounded by other great writers who are aspiring to be more.