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Social media has revolutionised the way that we live and work. It’s never been easier to find the products and services that you want. So, how as a small business can you take advantage of this new way to engage with your potential and current clients… let me show you.

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Five Essential Tips For New Online Business Owners

Posted 4th of August 2021 by Idea Girl Media

Five Essential Tips For New Online Business Owners outlined and explained at Idea Girl Media

As the world becomes more digital, you might be looking for online business ideas. A new online business like yours can still thrive despite savvy competitors. Of course you want to be one of the top ten online businesses in your niche. This article details five ways to succeed…

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Best Digital Marketing Options For Your Local Business

Posted 2nd of August 2021 by Idea Girl Media

Find your way into local hearts by investing in these digital marketing options, as suggested at Idea Girl Media.

Are you researching types of digital marketing channels and studying digital marketing examples for your small business? Getting the locals in your door boosts sales and challenges your competition. Melt local patron’s hearts by utilizing these five digital marketing options…

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Five Steps To Grow Your Business Slowly And Confidently

Posted 30th of July 2021 by Idea Girl Media

Grow your business and expand your horizons by adding these guidelines in your to do list, as outlined at Idea Girl Media.

Whether you want to grow your business online or advance your brick and mortar location, every business owner wants to gain more customers. Most also want to operate for many years. The best plan for expansion is gradually and consistently – Here are five proven steps…

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