You may have considered the importance of job satisfaction when it comes to yourself. But as a business owner, have you thought about employee job satisfaction as it pertains to the health of your business and its growth?

Today’s Workforce – Are you correctly valuing employee job satisfaction for your business?

Most of us must work in order to meet life commitments and pay our bills. But the need for work does not necessarily equate to fantastic work output.

Though many people need a job, there is a big disparity in work productivity. While there can be several things that contribute to low productivity, perhaps the one that’s most prevalent — and easy to fix — is a lack of job satisfaction among employees.

Studies have shown that happy workers are productive workers. While increasing employee job satisfaction does, of course, allow staff members to enjoy their work more, that is not the only benefit.

Many billions of dollars’ worth of productivity are lost each year due to low employee job satisfaction. Rectifying that can help push companies further forward, and also reduce staff turnover. Keep in mind: it is much less costly to keep a happy employee on board, rather than regularly searching for and recruiting new employees.

To improve employee work fulfillment, companies must look at various aspects of their relationship with their staffs, and formulate making improvements. If each team member:

  • Is well-compensated
  • Feels valued
  • Has a sense of job security

Among other factors, then it won’t be long before your business sees an increase in employee productivity. Ultimately, prioritizing employee work gratification will have ripple effects that benefit everyone involved with your business, including your customers.

To discover more about the value of job satisfaction in today’s workforce, take a look at the infographic below, which was created by the University of Southern California’s Online Masters of Science in Applied Psychology degree program.

The Value Of Employee Work Happiness In Today’s Jobs Market

Infographic created by: University of Southern California