Have you been considering a mobile marketing strategy? You might be wondering how to do mobile marketing – This article helps you understand that by exploring statistics and case studies of business brands that have experienced success…

Mobile Marketing Statistics And Case Studies Business Owners Must Know Now

Since the introduction of the worldโ€™s first radiotelephone in 1973, the mobile phone industry has been growing by leaps and bounds. More recently, companies began taking advantage of this communication channel by including it in their marketing campaigns.

According to the infographic below put together by AppGeeks:

  • People now spend 59% of their internet time on mobile devices
  • Only 41% of time is on desktop
  • This trend is only expected to continue to rise – By 2020, 2.87 billion people will use a smartphone

Add to this other types of mobile devices, and you find a huge potential customer base.

It didnโ€™t take long for marketers to realize the great potential of mobile marketing. Whether they:

  • Send SMS/MMS
  • Use in-app ads
  • Send out emails
  • Utilize simple push notifications

Marketing professionals would agree that this marketing channel must be included in successful marketing campaigns.

The numbers speak for themselves – as you will see in the infographic below, the average conversion rate of smartphone-based marketing campaigns has gone up to 64%.

In addition to these impressive numbers, there are also other reasons why your business needs to use mobile marketing:

  • Reaching current customers more easily
  • Reaching new target audiences easier
  • Investing less money on marketing campaigns

Just to name a few.

Basically, every functionality of contemporary mobile devices could be turned into a marketing tool. For example, many people prefer checking emails on their smartphones while on the go. For this reason, marketers carefully create email marketing campaigns to be mobile-based. This is considered to be one of the most effective ways for business leaders to grow their business.

That said, mobile marketing absolutely offers benefits to companies that know how to take advantage of this communication channel. Five advantages of using mobile marketing are listed below.

Low Cost

Mobile marketing allows advertisers to reach potential customers for less money when compared with other advertising methods such as television, radio, etc. For instance, creating and launching an SMS campaign is pretty cost-efficient.

Pizza Hut is a good example here, as the company used this type of promotion to increase sales by 142%.

Immediacy In Reaching Potential Clients

Unlike desktop computers, reaching out your target audience through mobile devices is instantaneous. As soon as you send out an email, for example, the recipient will get a notification and probably check it out. If you allow replies to your promotional messages, you could also expect quick feedback from customers, which is very valuable insight.

Ford had such a campaign where customers were texting back the company requesting feedback on specific vehicles. This campaign brought the company a 15.4% higher conversion rate.

Interactive Apps

Depending on your industry niche, you could create interactive mobile apps that would showcase your products. For example, IKEA created an app back in 2014 that allowed customers to see in 3D how specific pieces of furniture would fit in their rooms.

Needless to say, the app was quite successful, recording 6.2 million downloads.

High Reach

As we noted above, the number of people using mobile devices is rapidly increasing. It is estimated that more than 86% of internet users access the web from these devices.

If your ads target these mobile device users, your brand awareness and visibility could only increase.


Thanks to contemporary mobile technology, companies are able to send offers to the customers as they pass by their stores in specific geographic areas.

The Bottom Line Benefits Of Mobile Marketing

The evolution of mobile technology offers a wide range of possibilities for companies. Businesses should incorporate mobile marketing into their promotional campaigns. The alternative is running the risk of missing out on a massive customer base.

For more information and success stories, check out the infographic from AppGeeks below.


How Businesses Use Mobile Marketing to Their Advantage


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