Staff training should be a top priority to retain employees. You might keep a list of training programs for employees or classify types of training. This infographic provides perspective in a post-pandemic working world…

Staff Training In A Post-Pandemic Working World

Your company’s employees are valuable assets, so ensuring that they are equipped with the latest information and skills should be a priority. Continually updating your team’s knowledge through workplace training has far-reaching benefits.

When your employees have the skills to perform their role to their full potential, they can offer better service to your customers and produce a higher standard of work. But, the benefits don’t end there. Investing in diverse types of employee training and developing their skillsets can help improve staff retention rates.

Despite the many benefits of ongoing staff training, training programs have come to a standstill over the past year for many businesses. The impact of COVID-19 has meant that in-person training courses have been put on hold. In turn, employees are missing out on opportunities to extend their knowledge and to evolve their careers.

This lack of training can cause issues within businesses, and gaps in knowledge can arise among employees. But, this does not need to be the case. The pandemic has created a need for a new approach to employee training and development that fully utilizes the potential of remote learning, or online education.

The infographic below from Ezra provides helpful insight into employee training and the current statistics for workplace coaching. You’ll discover:

  • The outlook in 2019 compared with 2020
  • What CEOs believe
  • How people actually sought out learning during the pandemic
  • Strengths vs. weaknesses of distance learning

If you would like to help your team to continue to develop their knowledge and skills, Ezra helps employees reach their full potential.

Is it time to update staff training in your business? Take a look at the changes to workplace training that could emerge in the post-COVID world in the visual below.

Infographic Designed By Ezra Coaching