Livestream WebcastYa think it’s true that everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame?

Just after we rang in 2011, The Year of the Rabbit, I hopped on over to Books ‘N’ More in Wilmington, Ohio to visit with my good friend, Lee Hendee, of Web Entertainment.

Web Entertainment has hosted local elected officials, state level politicians, and also broadcasted exciting events like Wilmington’s Hometown HoliDazzle, and activities of Glenn Beck‘s visit to our town in December, 2010.  A bright moment Mr. Hendee talks highly of is his webcast with Larry Schweikart.

Lee has taken our local community and it’s people and enthusiastically brought us to life with a largely untapped social media platform!  He has featured our positive points, and aimed for highlighting all the wonderful work that makes us “a great place to call home,” and “a great place to do business,” as our local leadership has coined.

Web Entertainment has followers as far away as New Zealand, and  has quickly reached almost 13,700 viewer minutes!

Confession: I do not like to be in front of the video camera.  So, I was a bit nervous about this interview.

Yet Lee was really quite gracious!  He came prepared with notes, asked me all the pertinent questions of my previous work in cultural exchange and the non-profit sector, the branding of Idea Girl Media, and even how I plan to support local small business owners with social media insight as we turn our economy around.  Further, he is quite happy to promote other businesses and has formed some very good collaborative partnerships.

True, our interview was interrupted just about 6 minutes in.  But Lee and his helpful son got things back on track and we were rolling again.  Pretty simple.  It was my delight that I was invited to come back another time!

Secret: I think Lee is more interested in an elected official I can help him book on his show…

Upcoming Livestreams are sure to include some REALLY NIFTY GUESTS (Lee’s whispered a few delicious secrets in my ear, and I’ve obliged with some juicy stuff too).   🙂

Something I’d like Lee to work on before our next visit together: As I was just wearing a bikini last week, he’s gotta find a different lens for the camera.  (Okay, so maybe I have some homework to do).

Conclusion: I’m bargaining for another 15 minutes.  Most certainly – A wonderful friend, an excellent time, and an enlightening experience.  Lee is on his way up.  I look forward to seeing what he will do with Web Entertainment in 2011!

{The link to Part 1 of our interview together is featured below.  Part 2 can be accessed at the Livestream site}.

Live Show Tue Jan 4 2011