Ohio Political Candidates can rock their social media with Idea Girl MediaIn early 2011, I asked the question, “Do Ohio Elected Officials Kick Social Media Butt?”  I extended an open invitation to all Ohio political candidates on the ballot for the November 2011 election to submit a guest post to help citizens become aware of their platform.  That post inspired a series of informational posts.  This is the fifth of thirteen on how Ohio Political Candidates can ROCK Their Social Media.

For those finding this post first, here are the first four ways:

So, what’s the 5th way Ohio political candidates can ROCK their social media?

Draft To Win

Your objective as a political candidate is to get people to vote for you.  That means you have to:

  • Spread your message to potential voters.
  • Convince them you are their top choice.
  • Motivate them to tell others – Have ’em standing on rooftops.
  • Get your constituents to remember your name when the ballot is before them on election day.

That stuff doesn’t happen with just one person.  Likely, you’ve assembled a campaign committee – your team.

If we put it in football terms, you have to draft the right player to score touchdowns with your social media.

Maybe that’s you.  Maybe it’s a member of your team.  Or, maybe you’re going to outsource it because you can track the success of social media and email marketing, justifying the expenditure.

Regardless, you need to decide who is going to have time and quality energy every day to update, tweet, post, increase your following, and make digital field goals for TEAM YOU.

Idea Girl Media suggests that choosing your social media manager is like drafting the team member that will kick your digital field goals.

Who is worthy of wearing that team jersey?

The Engager

In the fourth post of this series I covered that social media is about them…not you. It’s not broadcasting.

It is a two-way communication encouraging people to be your brand ambassador and love you enough to talk about you with their friends.  Or, in football speak: be your cheerleader.  They’ll engage your audience to shout from the rooftops about you.

The Engager will:

  • Build Community.
  • Encourage dialogue; a back and forth with your following.
  • “Listen,” to what others are saying online about you and your competition.
  • Be blogging, and talk about why you should be too.
  • Offer references and list industry education without hesitation.
  • Let their social media activity be an example of what you can expect them to do for you.

A few ways to know if you’ve met The Engager…

Facebook – They are the Admin for at least one page of their own, and their Page link is accessible under their name on their personal profile.  Extra points if they’ve created a spiffy photo banner.

LinkedIn – Their status is updated almost everyday, if not everyday, and they have activated applications to feature their blog, slideshare, and maybe more.  They will also be active in Groups and Answers.

Twitter – You will see a variety of posts (about themselves, re-tweets of others’ posts, @ replies, mentions by others).  Tweets leading with questions area  good sign, as are links and #hashtags.  Higher numbers of followers does not necessarily mean a higher level of engagement. Ask them about klout score.

Quora – They know what it is, and have ventured to check it out.  There, someone asked the question, “How can you tell a good social media strategist from a bad one before it’s too late?” Here’s are some answers.  {{You should recognize the author of Answer #4}}

Tackling & Touchdowns

At the end of the day, social media is an investment in the future.  It is a building of community.  Establishing a big online conversation.  About you.

You have to enlist and empower the person that is going to build and engage your community so that…

…on election night 2011 you’re standing in the End Zone doing your happy dance of victory, ROCKIN’ it out!

My invitation previously missed those on the May Primary ballot.  I would extend the guest post opportunity to those candidates as well.  If you haven’t done so, contact me to arrange your spot on my calendar.

How did I do with my football analogy?

Are there other things I left out in my lists above?

Please let me know your questions about social media engagement below! 🙂

* Image Credit: OnMilwaukee.com.