Idea Girl Media gets naked with The You TeamWhat – Getting naked!!??



Almost a year ago, I attended Social Media Success Summit 2010.  I learned amazing things about social media! But, more importantly, I met some terrific people from all over the world that have become great friends, and my “go-to gang.”

We just couldn’t get enough of the momentum at SMSS10, and jumped on board The You Team.  There, Dave and his partner in crime, Sam, lead Mastermind Groups focusing on professionals achieving success.

Undoing The Top Button

In 2011, I’m hanging out with Team Amazing keeping in mind my theme-word for the year: Refresh.  Each month, eight of us meet online, and discuss our goals, share status, and encourage challenges until we meet the next time.

This has kept me on track, led me to new ideas, and reminded me that I’m not the only one that has questions and experiences challenge.  PLUS, I’ve deepened some friendships, and made new ones, within my profession.  Ultimate Groovy!!

The Strip Tease

Dave Thackeray is playful with his words, but always quickly to the point.  This morning I woke up to a powerful message from Dave: “Get Naked.” Of course I clicked the link!

Read the article.  Dave talks about cutting to the chase in a KISS method kinda way.

And take a few minutes to watch the videos Dave strategically puts at the upper right of his pages.  Powerful messages!

Getting Naked

At present, I am working on cutting out distractions and understanding my true passions to take my business on it’s way.

I’m driven, I know I’ll get there.

I’m confident I’m on the right course with The You Team!

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of the Social Media Success Summit 2011 – the web’s biggest social media event.

What is your current approach to business?

How are you capitalizing on your passion?

Are you a clothing-optional operation?

Reveal a shoulder or an ankle below: