Is Charlie Sheen really winning millions of dollars?I’ve been trying to put my head around the most recent public fascination around Charlie Sheen.

Why does our culture foster  the behavior we have seen from him in recent months?  Where has the morality of our business executives and heads of media networks gone?

Instead of nurturing the truly talented and creating merited media, we’re tolerating poor antics and bruises to society.  For a dollar. Well, millions, reportedly.

The list of characters in this dysfunctional production is quite interesting.

  • News Networks – Feeding the story.  Their online presence keep links to stories near the top.
  • Online Media – Posted updates every few hours to please sensationalized-story seekers and gain search engine rankings.
  • Tweeters on Twitter – The clueless are flocking; We’ve seen a Guiness World Record in the name of insanity.
  • Social Media Thought Leaders – Applause!!  Their tweets indicate they are not entertained.  Instead words associated with Sheen are “irrelevant,” and created hashtags like “#sorrycharlie.”
  • Charlie’s Friends – They’ve been on TV offering words of insight and recommendation.  Their voice is not profound.
  • Charlie Sheen – He’s broadcasting live on Ustream with what he sees as a “staff.”  He’s got a new rant: “Winning.”  This has brought about Twitter hashtags #winning, #unwinning, and a few more.

Even TIME Magazine jumped in with their favorite verbatim quotes – “Charlie Sheen, Unplugged.” Here’s one that nails the situation well: “I’m tired of pretending like I’m not special.  I’m tired of pretending that I’m not bitchin’, a total freaking rock star from Mars.” Really, Charlie?

I decided Charlie Sheen has provided me a perfect opportunity to have a meaningful conversation with my teenage daughter, so I took a look around the web…

Winning – The Webcast

Charlie Sheen has assembled a team of his “friends” as writers, producers, etc. to stream live on UStream.  You’re either with him, or with the trolls.

4,626 people tuned-in last night to watch and chat about…nothing. Charlie’s sidekick called out to the audience to find out what viewers wanted to see in future webcasts, and his girlfriend demonstrated how a Kodak camera works.  Interesting stuff, eh?

At present, the chat stream is still rolling with obscene amounts of people that think Charlie Sheen is actually winning.  But the committed RSVP’s for the next webcast on March 12th is only 3897.

I guess Mr. Sheen would consider me a troll.

Celebrity Sightings

The famous certainly produce some groovy headlines, don’t they?  Trippy habits, sensationalized events, and even crazy deaths.  For years, I’ve half-jokingly thought that when one of our idolized fades out of the picture it is just the alien ship calling it’s endeared comrade home.

Didn’t we just go through something similar with Randy Quaid?  Maybe this is all just a big audition, and they’ll be co-starring in a movie about two ill characters released about five years from now.

Two and a Half Men

I  came to enjoy the show.  Especially the other characters — Talented people!

They’re really going to cancel it???

I think it could still air — and probably earn better ratings — with an adjusted cast list AND 2.5 men.  Judith’s husband (Ryan Stiles) is an incredibly funny guy, and the dynamics of bridging the two households could produce some nifty laughs!  Surely there are other alternatives than cancellation.

Here’s a short clip worth looking at:


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Ya mean we’re really not going to get any more of Berta’s sunny disposition?

What do you think of Charlie Sheen’s current behavior?

Did I miss anyone in the list of characters below?

Will you miss Two and a Half Men?

July 17, 2012: The show did continue to air with Ashton Kutcher in the lead male role.  We’ve now seen an entire season, and Two and a Half Men is successful.  Charlie Sheen has a new show now, and still meanders about the Hollywood scene.  He’s announced he’s leaving Twitter.  Awww… 

So, whattaya think – Is he #winning?

Please tell me your thoughts below!