Considering SMS text messaging as a new marketing channel to increase sales for your business? Here are 8 ways write effective business texts and succeed…

8 Ways To Master Text Message Marketing For Small Business And Write Effective Business Texts

There are so many different marketing channels you can use as a business owner that it can be quite confusing trying to understand them all. One of the best ways of contacting your customers directly is to send bulk SMS using a business SMS texting service. This is a great way of targeting your customers and letting them know about any new, current offers or discounts.

In this article, we are going to talk you through how you can write effective business texts that result in better customer relationships and increased sales.

Get Their Attention

If you are using bulk texting services you’ll want to grab your customers’ attention with a catchy headline, or get really creative with the first few lines of the text. Make a calculated effort with your business texting to get their attention early, and then drive them to log onto your site.

If you aren’t yet using a bulk texting service, consider Sakari – a provider of bulk texting software.  On their page, they listed everything you need to know. If it sounds like something your business could benefit from, they offer a FREE trial!

Make it Personal

Make each business text personal.

Your customers will know when you are just using a business texting service if you just send the same message to everyone. Making it personal is not too difficult.  Add their name, and your message will seem a lot more personal to each customer.  Approach it this way, and there is a good chance your customers will take note of what you have to say.

Offer Something

Simply reminding your customers about your service isn’t really going to grab their attention for too long. You should consider creating special offers at least a few times per year 

Send an inspiration text or even a new competition they can enter. Design a strategy to encourage members of your list to get involved, and soon you’ll see increased traffic to your website. 

Be Clear

Mobile devices are small.  Attention spans are short. Whether you segment your list or offer something via bulk SMS texting, then you need to be direct and to the point.

Tell your customers exactly what they need to know and where they need to go to sign up. If you are unclear they might start following your instructions and then lose interest before they complete the task due to confusion.

Proof your text a few times and ask others if you have been clear.

Calls To Action

If you don’t know what a call to action is then you are missing out on valuable traffic. Calls to action include things like:

  • Click here
  • Sign up today
  • Grab your copy now

And they encourage your customers to get started immediately before they forget.

The most effective texts include a call to action at the end of the messages to ensure that recipients get involved and visit your site.


Capital letters are great for getting people’s attention, but take care that you don’t appear to be shouting at your customer. Keep your formatting simple and easy to read for optimal response.  For best results, use capital letters to emphasize a specific word or short phrase.

Use A URL Shortener

If you are writing a text message or using a service that costs per length of message, then you’ll want to be sure your URL is as short as possible. In turn, your message will look a lot better, be more readable and you’ll be able to fit more actual content into the message.

There are loads of websites that can help you with this – For example Google offers a URL shortener:

Consider Timing Of Your Business Texts

When you send your bulk text messages is quite important.

You’ll want to choose a time when your customers are most likely to see the message and try to avoid disturbing them at important times in their days (work shifts, meal times, popular family activity times, etc).

Keep messages sent to four per month. Bombarding your customers with bulk messages may overwhelm them, and this could lead them to opt out. Choose the right times and frequency, and you are sure to get better overall results.

To abide by industry guidelines, you need to include an opt-out option at the end of your texts.  True, some may opt-out. But if you keep your sent content fun and entertaining, you will keep an audience that will act on your messages.