Tempted to try Facebook Advertising, but not sure how to start?  Or maybe you did not have success with your first self-serve Facebook Ad campaigns and want to work on finding your audience?  Here you will find Facebook Advertising tips and a detailed Infographic…

Want to be sure you’re targeting the right audience with your Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Advertising has been available for a quite awhile now.  Yet, many small business owners and medium sized business brands have yet to take advantage of this remarkable social media marketing tool.

In this article you will learn:

  • Facebook Advertising offers great value.
  • Facebook Advertising offers many options traditional advertising does not.
  • Facebook Advertising tips for finding your audience.

If you’re on the fence about using Facebook Ads, you should find answers to at least some of your questions.

Is Facebook Advertising, “Doing The Dirty?”

Many see the word, “advertising,” and immediately snarl their nose — Like a dirty word has been used.  Say, “Facebook Advertising,” and many get all talk-to-the-hand.  This is usually followed by:

“Facebook is free.”

“I’m not paying to use Facebook.”

But when roughly one fifth of the world’s population is on Facebook, it is hard to argue with that stud muffin!

Pair that with the vogue satin styling of the audience targeting options, and you’ve got yourself one hot mama in the Facebook Advertising platform!

Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media explains that the Facebook Advertising Platform is hot when pairing user interest & audience targeting optionsIt’s no Victoria’s Secret that other advertising options cannot offer what Facebook does:

  • Over 1 Billion users’ interests.
  • A plethera of ad targeting options.
  • Ability to reach people on mobile – Where they spend more and more time.
  • People can interact with a Facebook ad – Like, comment, share.
  • Go self-serve or work with a Facebook Representative.
  • Ad tracking – See how many your ad reached.

That last one alone should get you excited.

So, the answer to my question above is….. No.

In fact, I’d argue there’s no greater value in advertising right now.

You Need Facebook Advertising

2014 brought a big change in how Facebook Marketing works.  Facebook Page reach declined drastically for all!

Many took to diversifying their online social portfolios.  While improving Facebook Marketing with Instagram and other social platforms is wise, this action alone will not bring the return on investment many brands demand.

My recommendation is always offering fabulous content on your Facebook Page, and sponsoring select content to drive traffic to your website and specific initiatives.

When talking about Facebook Advertising, cost is usually the first fear and objection.  But Facebook Advertising statistics show that those using Facebook Ads report a low costs on their advertising campaigns.

They key is following the Facebook Advertising guidelines, using wise audience targeting choices, and effective monitoring so you can adjust as your Facebook Ads are in place.  That’s right, I said adjust while your ad is out there!

A Facebook Advertising Guide En Route To The Map

Lets get a little more comfortable with using Facebook Ads…

I like the way Sven Hamberg Qwaya worded it:

“…think of Facebook not as a “social advertising platform”, but rather as the world’s largest media channel married to the world’s largest survey. Because that’s really what we’re talking about here.”

Is this maybe what you desired from traditional advertising all along?

Now all you need is understanding of:

  • Facebook’s user base.
  • How to use Facebook filters.
  • Tapping into Facebook user interests.
  • Utilizing demographics and behaviors.

Followed by navigating the Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor to create your campaigns.

I can offer you the map – Qwaya has presented it quite well in Infographic below!

Facebook Advertising: A Guide To Finding Your Audience




Traditional Advertising Or Online Advertising?

I’m baffled when I hear small business owners and business brand decision makers say they will not consider Facebook Advertising.  Yet they will spend hundreds of dollars on a single ad that cannot be edited, offers no tracking, with ad targeting light years from what the Facebook Ads platform offers.


Curious what you think…

Did anything above surprise you?

Will you try Facebook Advertising?

If you’ve tried Facebook Ads, what are your success stories?

Please do share your thoughts in the comments box below! 🙂