Are you looking for details to help optimize the Facebook Page layout 2016, as well as your Facebook marketing efforts?  Here’s a video tour to help you!

Yes, they changed it again – It’s now Facebook Page Layout 2016!

But you’re not surprised, are you?

The social network has changed the Facebook page layout design a number of times.

If you’re curious how Facebook Pages have evolved, here’s an example of the most recent Facebook page layout.  Many remember the very first version, and the 2016 Facebook Page layout options are very similar with a longer left column.

The good news for 2016 is they have kept the best updated features and re-organized the view to the brand advantage.  For Facebook users, it is good news: Pages are “ad free” – No more little boxes on the right side bar.

This article will help you discover:

  • The 2016 Facebook Page layout design
  • Newest features as Facebook marketing tools
  • Views as both user and Facebook Page Admin

As well as mobile experiences with the Facebook Page layout 2016.

Lets walk through together, shall we?  🙂

Facebook Page Layout 2016 – A Video Tour Of New Features

In the video, you will explore:

  • All the important aspects of the Facebook page layout 2016
  • How Facebook has arranged Apps/Tabs
  • Visual advantages
  • Using your call to action button

And the fun Facebook Messenger Code.

Embedded from the Idea Girl Media Facebook Page: 



There you go – the Facebook Page layout explained.  I hope this video helps you feel more comfortable with the new page design and features.

Facebook Page Layout 2016 – Desktop and Mobile

Viewing a Facebook page is a different experience from desktop to mobile.  The layout is similar, and you will be able to access all of the functions, but the visual arrangement is different on mobile devices.

As Facebook tweaks and optimizes the platform, sometimes there is turbulence.  The one challenge that has come up is viewing or accessing apps on the mobile version.  Most specifically, the videos uploaded directly to Facebook.

We are more and more mobile-oriented.  In fact, 60%+ access Facebook from their mobile device only, and a surprisingly high percentage of users admit to never logging out of Facebook.

So, we absolutely want to be able to access all functions and view all Facebook Page features on a mobile device!  Sometimes this will be temporary, and other times there is a glitch to fix.

As a Facebook Page Admin, should this happen with your Page, here are some recommended steps to take:

  1. Be sure your settings are all the way you want to, and you have enabled all that you wish.
  2. Go into manage apps – Make sure all settings are optimized on each tab/app.
  3. Manage sections – be sure all is arranged as you wish.

Sometimes several actions made together can “kick” Facebook loose to get the result you want.

Another possibility is that your page server is experiencing a glitch. If nothing else works, and after a day or so things haven’t changed, report the problem to Facebook.

So, a tour AND a solution.  Hope this helps you on your Facebook Marketing adventure!  🙂

Your Explorer Notes…?

I like the updated visuals – Separation of profile photo and cover banner, and the Messenger Code.  But I’m curious about your thoughts…

What do you think of the Facebook Page Layout 2016?

Anything on your wish list for future layout designs?

Please share with me in the comments box below.


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