Each social media platform approaches the set up of profiles and how you share a post in slightly different ways. If you’re new to Facebook, you will want to know how to properly share a post to your Facebook Profile. Learn how with a step-by-step video & become a pro!

So, you want to share that funny graphic with your Facebook friends?

Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media shows you how to share funny graphics on Facebook with a how-to videoWe’ve all been there.

New to Facebook.  Not sure what all the buttons do.  And there’s such fascinating stuff there, we want to be a part!


The Obvious & The Intricate

Facebook is all about expressing yourself and hanging out with your friends.  A big part of that is sharing information we find interesting.

Clicking LIKE is simple.  You just click the word, and the thumb goes up.

Clicking SHARE is a bit more intricate.  Not as obvious.

For those that have not yet mastered the nifty SHARE function, this post is for you!

The video below specifically addresses the question, “How do I share posts on Facebook?”

Feel free to follow along, step-by-step, and gain hands-on experience.  Go ahead, I’ll wait…  🙂

Fairly easy, eh?

That’s the fun, enjoyable element of Facebook Share!

There is also value to this function that can even be……….strategic.

Sharing Is Caring

Reasons to share a Facebook post and get a message to travel:

  • Affirming brand awareness.
  • Recognition of a brand or cause ambassador.
  • Encouraging involvement in a project.
  • To give your audience what they want and like.

For a small business owner or entrepreneur occasionally sharing a post from your Facebook Page to your personal profile can help remind people what you do, and call attention to a promotion or special event.

The Facebook Share option can be incredibly useful for non-profit groups depending on numbers of people to lift their message to the masses.

Imagine you are a small community organization partnering with another small non-profit, and you have a very limited budget to make your hopeful supporters aware of your mission.

By designing a few key posts, you could utilize the Facebook Share function to spread a message to your audience, and let them share it to theirs, and so on, multiplying reach.  This is both easy and cost effective.

The Caregiver

This should interest:

  • Staff.
  • Board members.
  • Special interest committees.
  • Donors.

For board members and committee members of an organization, this is a quick, easy, and FREE way to stay active, aware, and provide support.

By coordinating an effort to share specific messages you could facilitate:

  • News & accomplishments.
  • Partnerships.
  • Some new hires.
  • Requests for help.
  • Political campaigns.
  • Thanks.

And surely other.

Sharing AND Caring

Your goal should be to create posts so fun and delicious that fans are inspired to share your message on their own.  However, at first, you may need to be proactive and encourage sharing.


Be careful.  Sharing to frequently, or too much “salesy” stuff is viewed as spam.

Spam = Your audience tuning you out.

So, now you know…

Facebook Basics: Sharing A Post To Your Personal Profile

Did I miss anything?

Any questions on what was covered in the video?

Please share unique ways YOU have utilized the Facebook Share function in the comments box below! 🙂