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I promised you an Easter Basket of social media tips.  Below is another “golden egg” – just for you! 🙂

Do you have a Facebook Page for your business or non-profit organization?

Have you wondered how to edit the order of the tabs now located underneath your Facebook Page’s logo or image?

Well, you’re in luck!

Facebook Tip: Editing Tabs On Your Facebook Fan Page

I was recently asked about how many Tabs Facebook will allow, and how to place them in an order of preference.  The video below is meant to give step-by-step guidance for doing just that!

A few things…

  • As of March 2011, Facebook’s maximum allowable image/log size has changed.
  • Each Facebook Page should have different Tabs – based on industry & desired use of the Page.
  • It is highly recommended that you use a Welcome Tab on your Facebook Page.
  • It is not the number of Tabs that matters, but how you utilize your “online real estate.”

A good banner image will trump the tabs and their order.  So make it good!

Take the video tour on editing tabs:

Pretty simple, huh?

Important Takeaways

  • Current trends are logo or banner images of 180 x 540 pixels (maximum).
  • Including a call to action with an arrow to your Tabs in that image makes a difference!
  • Play with the size of this image to get maximum use of your “online real estate.”
  • If you have a low number of Tabs on your Facebook Page, it may default to show all Tabs.

Welcome Tabs

A Welcome Tab with a good call to action and simple lead to the Facebook Like Button just about doubles your visitor-to-fan conversion!

Facebook just updated their regulations on creation and installation of Facebook Tabs in April, 2011.  If you would like help with a good Welcome Tab for your Facebook Page, please contact me.

What are your questions?

Are there details uncovered?

Please let me know in the comment box below! 🙂

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