Idea Girl Media is a Foursquare Ambassador and location-based marketing consultantA Foursquare Ambassador can help your small business connect to loyal customers – and find new ones – through location based marketing.

Want to attract new customers?

What to reward your loyal customers?

Want revealing data on customer spending patterns?

Then a Foursquare Ambassador is probably a good contact for you!

Three Easy Steps

Your Foursquare Ambassador should give you a card that is like a key to a very simple process:

  • Sign up for foursquare at the URL provided on the card.
  • Find and claim your business.
  • Set up a Foursquare Special and see Venue Stats.

Here is an example of what you’ll see:

Foursquare makes it easy to attract new customers in 3 easy steps


Very easy – You may have to verify an email address and authorize any administrators to the account.

The Customer Perspective

This social network is fun, and allows users the opportunity to see what their friends are doing, where they might like to visit, and size up places they want to go.  Foursquare enthusiasts can earn fun badges for their activity, and can become Mayor of locations they frequent.

It is frustrating to a customer to be a business’ social media cheerleader, only to find out the business is not offering an incentive special, or that the business owner shows no care.  In that case, the customer probably will not publish their visits to your establishment to their social networks in the future.

The Business Perspective

Foursquare connects to Facebook and Twitter, and users can publish their activity to their personal networks. On Facebook, the business name, map, and an optional message or tip is printed on the customer’s profile page and to their news feed (if they choose to publish it).  That’s great publicity!

If your customers are going to spread the good word about your business to their network of friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare, why wouldn’t you reward your loyal customers with a special?

Offer incentives from this list updated yesterday:

  • Newbie
  • Checkin
  • Friends
  • Flash
  • Swarm
  • Loyalty
  • Mayor

Learn more about specials designed to reward loyal customers and attract new ones beginning tomorrow!

The Benefits

Once you get going on Foursquare, you’ll be able to access important data:

  • Your top customers.
  • When customers are visiting.
  • How they are publishing to social networks.See customer data valuable to your small business on Foursquare
  • And more!

Summing It Up

Foursquare offers the opportunity to engage loyal customers as brand ambassadors – a mobile sales force.  This exchange should lead to attracting new customers! The social network is quite conducive to the small business in a small town — especially those just opened.

A Foursquare Ambassador can help you strategize the best specials for your small business.

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Have questions about putting together an appropriate special?

Are you using Foursquare with success and have insight to offer others?

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*** Disclaimer: Idea Girl Media‘s Keri Jaehnig is a Foursquare Ambassador and has received no payment or incentive for publishing this post.  She invites you to reach out to her!  🙂