I’m lucky – My work can be wherever I am.

It’s…..Social Media!

As long as I’ve got my mobile phone, or an Internet connection, I’m all set!

So, lately I’ve been making Fridays, “Get Out Of The Office Day.”


To enhance relationships.  Connect.  Get to know those I see everyday online.

Here’s a picture taken with my mobile phone on “Friday” a few months ago:

Idea Girl Media Got Out Of The Office at AJBombers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

While visiting family in Wisconsin, I stopped in at the fabulous AJ Bombers and tasted one of the delicious hamburgers I had been hearing about on Twitter.

The staff was terrific, I got awesome service, and I connected the online with the offline while having a good time.

The past few weeks I’ve attended networking and New Media events, and it has really made a difference.

In my relationships, but also my outlook.

I’m considering it a “learning lab.”

(And I write off the mileage).  🙂

So, I encourage you to do the same thing.

Get out of the office!

(I won’t tell) 😉

Do you get out of the office?

What do you do, where do you go?

How has that helped your business?

Please leave me a fun comment below…

** Credit also to Ramon DeLeon of Chicago Domino’s Pizza – Our tweeting back and forth led me to AJ Bombers.