Ready to step up your business marketing strategy, but you want to avoid implementing bad marketing campaigns? Here are 5 ways to avoid marketing disasters…

5 Ways Your Business Can Avoid Marketing Disasters

When it comes to marketing our business, as entrepreneurs we always hope to make the right choice. Marketing isn’t always about the way you advertise, although that can play a large part.

It is also about your products or services:

  • The way they look
  • The way they are described
  • The way your business appears

Both physically and digitally.

Sounds simple enough, but we all face miscalculations from time to time. Rather than risk marketing blunders detrimental to your business, let’s go through a few marketing disasters you’d do well to avoid going forward. 

5 Ways Your Business Can Avoid Marketing Disasters outlined at Idea Girl Media

The Packaging And Appearance Of Your Products

What are some of the greatest marketing disasters in history? A few related to packaging probably rank near the top.

Your product may look like a great solution, it may be recognizable with your brand, but occasionally teams make decisions to change things and sway from a core brand strategy. The result is what appears to be an improvement in the marketing teams’ minds.  But is this the right decision to make?

Before embarking on a big change an article like like this one from Explorer Research could help point you and our marketing team in the right direction.

Your Website Is Not Up To Snuff

We live in a digital world. A world where we rely on the Internet for answers and much of our general day to day life. We share our lives through social media:

  • Looking for answers
  • Seeking recommendations
  • Shopping and buying things

So your website needs to be ready for and speak to this modern world. Not being prepared in this regard, and your company will likely fall behind your competition.

Invest in your website. This is where many people will look to find information about your business and may make their decision to conduct business with yours.

Not Being Present Or Consistent On Social Media

Social media can be one of the best channels to advertise your business. But, if your approach is lacking, you’ll miss the boat. Your brand must:

  • Be there
  • Engage with followers efficiently
  • Be consistent

And most importantly: Offer value.

A good social media strategy can help you determine when and where to post, and how often.  A good social media manager can bring innovation to your approach and represent your brand voice well. They will know to bring a human quality, and how not to over-sell your products and services.

People buy from people and brands they know, like, and trust.  Even in a digital world, this is still the case.

Not Utilizing All Of Your Possibilities

There are other possibilities of advertising your business that you may be missing out on. One of the biggest happens to be your local area.

Appealing to the search engines targeting your local market gives your business an advantage, as Google and other online advertising platforms offer special programs just for this purpose.  Further, it will usually also be a bit less expensive.

Focusing on your local area can really boost your brand and help you tap into a new customer base.

The Customer Experience Is The Hidden Secret

Finally, the customer experience is such an important marketing feature as the type of advertising you get from happy customers is something that money just can’t buy. Giving the customers a great experience, making them happy and allowing them to give you good feedback in the form of reviews and testimonials is a great way to encourage others to buy from you.

Word of mouth marketing could become your stealth marketing weapon if your competition has not tapped into this yet.


Above, you have a list of potential marketing failures, examples of marketing mistakes, examples and suggestions of how to avoid being one of those companies with bad marketing strategies.  We hope these tips help you to avoid marketing disasters with your business.