Idea Girl Media interviews local licensed massage therapists and suggests people stick with giving up their chocolate, but not their massage!What did you give up for Lent?

For many, Lent is a season just before Spring is in full-bloom, when they will give up something that they really love or that gives them pleasure.  I often hear sweets, desserts, favorite foods, or that an individual will commit to doing something that will improve their life.

How does a nice, long massage sound??

I’m fortunate enough to know two Licensed Massage Therapists, and even more lucky to have them both located conveniently near to me in Wilmington, Ohio.  I have had the privilege of receiving a massage from both of them.  Going for a massage is one way I spoil myself or reward myself for doing well on a large project.  Or, putting an end to some aches and pains I have developed from working long hours at the computer.

My suggestion – Go ahead…  Give up those candies and cookies for Lent.  But DON’T give up seeing your friend, the licensed massage therapist!!

Recently, I asked my friends Amber Grillot and Kevin Stackhouse six questions:

1) What is your area of specialty or expertise?

Amber – My areas of expertise is relaxation, prenatal, corporate/event massage and in home/mobile massage.

KevinI was trained in medical massage techniques that are used to facilitate quicker healing of the body.  Whether a client has had surgery, an injury, has a chronic condition, or is in rehabilitation massage can be very effective in helping your body heal.  Relaxation or Swedish massage is used in all my treatments.  Stress is the number one cause of disease and massage is the best treatment.

2) Why did you decide to become licensed?

KevinAfter retiring from the Wilmington Fire Department I felt the need to remove stress from my personal life.  Massage therapy helped me to reduce stress so I decided that helping others to do the same thing would be rewarding and fun.  I love what I do and I do what I love.  Not many can say that.

Amber I became licensed because it is required in the state of ohio.  But also because I love the helping people take better care of themselves.  Helping them take a few minutes for themselves. Being licensed shows my clients that i care about their health, that i took the steps to learn how massage effects the body.

3) What recommendations do you make to people when looking for a massage therapist?

Amber – Make sure your therapist is licensed by the state of ohio!!  And to make sure you can communicate with them.  If it is too much pressure or not enough you should feel comfortable telling your therapist that.  Also the atmosphere needs to make you feel relaxed.  You came to this person to help you relax/with pain/etc and if you aren’t comfortable with the person and the atmosphere the treatment will not benefit you.

KevinMake sure the therapist is licensed by the state you are in and insured.  References from [clients] are always good.  A competent therapist will answer all of your questions and be able to explain what they are doing and why.

4) What words of insight would you give to people in the tech industry – those that work in front of the computer for long hours?

KevinIf your work involves repetitive movement take a few minutes to stretch and move in a different direction at least once per hour.  If you are at the computer, stand up, move your arms like a cowboy roping a steer, stretch your neck and take some deep breaths.

Amber – Take many breaks.  Sitting at a computer all day, or a desk all day is terrible for your back/neck/shoulders.  If you can get up and stretch once every 30 minutes that is great.  Don’t cross your legs, if you keep both feet flat on the ground it forces you to have slightly better posture.  Roll your shoulders backwards.  Pull your shoulders up to your ear, then roll them back, this will open your rib cage and pull you more up right.












Idea Girl Media interviews 2 Licensed Massage Therapists about their work and benefits of massage

Image Credit: Spa of the Rockies; Glenwood Hot Springs












5) How can one maximize their massage experience – getting all benefits possible?

Amber – Be comfortable and vocal.  We can tell if you are tensing up your muscles and we can only do so much.  But if you are not comfortable you will not get the full benefit.  And if you don’t tell us it hurts, it feels good or massage there more we won’t know.  Guide us, tell us what you love, what you hate, this is your massage make it yours.

KevinCommunicating with the therapist is very important.  Tell them what is bothering you, or your medical condition.  Tell them what you are expecting from the massage session.  Try to relax as much as you can.

6) What questions didn’t I ask? If I take away nothing else from a conversation with you, as a professional, what do you want me (or others) to know?

KevinMassage therapy is green, organic, non-invasive, safe, and has been used by all cultures since recorded history and probably before then.  So far in my practice there has been no one person who did not have some benefit from their session.  And some of those sessions are as little as ten minutes.

Massage therapy is based on sound practices and is regulated in Ohio by the Ohio State Medical Board.  There are very few contradictions so almost all conditions can and will benefit from it.

Amber – Massage is good for everyone.  It isn’t just a fluffy relaxation thing for rich people.  Everybody needs a massage.  Your muscles are like a sponge.  When you squeeze a sponge the water goes out.  Let go of the sponge and new water goes back into the sponge.  Your muscles are the same way.  When i compress your muscles old blood flows out to be filtered, when i release new blood goes in replenishing the muscles.  Massage helps and aids in all body systems, It is a wonderful way to give your body a jump start.  And make sure that anyone who is giving you a massage is licensed by the state of ohio.  If they are not then find one who is.

Some great insight from both Amber and Kevin!  I’m sticking with my original position that massage is one thing NOT to give up for lent.

Contact information:

Amber – (AmberLynn Therapeutic Massage, LMT)

Kevin – (Kevin Stackhouse, Licensed Massage Therapist)

What did you give up for Lent?

Do you see your massage therapist regularly?

Before scheduling your next appointment, what questions do you have for Amber and Kevin?

Post them in the box below! 🙂