Martin Luther King Day - Day of ServiceA day on, or a day off?

For many, it will be a day ON – A Day of Service – according to the Corporation for National & Community Service.   The federal agency engages more than 5 million Americans to serve their communities through various partnering non-profit organizations.  It is part of United We Serve, the President’s national call to service initiative.

MLK Day of Service is also a collaborator in the nationally-recognized project.  Each of the websites linked offers an invitation to join a registered project of your choice to come together with others in an effort to provide solutions to modern pressing national problems.

January happens to be National Mentoring Month – perhaps you are inspired to empower a young person toward their success?  Sign up to coach, tutor, and lead!

Many will probably opt to make it a day off. They’ll rest at home, go shopping, or socialize with their friends on Facebook.  Even Google got in the game last year and promoted their MLK Day Logo to commemorate the occasion.  At .docstoc the Google Logo Honoring Martin Luther King Day 2010 got 499 views.

Closer to home, folks near Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio might consider visiting the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.  Admission is FREE, courtesy of PNC Bank.  A Smithsonian Affiliate, the museum is beautifully done and serves it’s message well: “Be inspired.  Fan the flame.”

What will I do today?

While I will not participate in a large, organized project, I will be working on projects that will serve my community.

  • Gratis work to help a local company launch a new promotion.
  • Preparations for a FREE social media workshop I’m hosting in partnership with the Wilmington Clinton County Chamber of Commerce, and supporting the small business owners of Buy Local First.
  • Spend time with my daughter.  She is off of school today, and is one that spends a lot of time serving her community.

Social media enthusiasts can follow MLK Day project news on Twitter (@MLKDay), and participate in the Twitter chat with the hashtag, #MLKDay.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?'”

What are YOU doing to empower others?  How will you spend Martin Luther King Day 2011??