Idea Girl Media discusses Mari Smith's webinar on 10 Qualities of Social Media SuperstarsRecently, Mari Smith addressed the question:

What is it that makes certain industry professionals really stand out, get known, get the best deals, and get the big bucks?

She held a webinar, “How To Model Ten Qualities Of Social Media Superstars.”

I had heard Mari on similar topics several times before, but this discussion was high-energy.  People from around the world were online exchanging thoughts, piping in, and having a blast!

And the information was great – as always.

According To Mari

The Ten Qualities of Social Media Superstars

1. Humility – Be Humble.

2. Passion.

3. An Inclusive Attitude. (non-competitive, recommends & endorses peers)

4. Be Engaging!

5. Deep Niche Knowledge. (“Get rich in the niche!”)

6. Prolific Content Producer. (curator; also promotes others’ content)

7. Always Adding Value. (useful content AND discerning in what they say)

8. 100% Consistent. (content, engagement, branding)

9. A True Leader (champions people, builds community)

10. Proven Track Record.

My tweets from that session with examples from Mari are curated here.

The Mari Smith Effect

Idea Girl Media is inspired by Mari Smith, who outlines Ten Qualities of Social Media SuperstarsThe buzz from Mari’s webinar lasted a few days – People were making blog posts, tweets were still streaming.

Fun and interesting to see!

A friend, Dave Gallant, wrote a clever post:

Are You A Social Media Superstar?

It was a pleasant surprise to see my name within his list of influencers!  For being engaging!! 🙂

To his post, I commented…


Very clever post – Love the graphic and subtitle below! Fun that we attended Mari’s webinar together. 🙂

It is a pleasure having you in my social networking circle. In the time that we’ve been tweeting, I’ve come to know you as a quality-minded individual.

When I saw my Twitter ID mentioned within the lists above, I was blown away…and honored. Thank you for such wonderful mention!!

Mari’s list is pretty thorough. (Her mentoring program looks stellar!)

Looking forward to continuing the social journey with you…



This inspired two curiosities for me:

  • Was I worthy of such mention?
  • What is my true list of social networking influencers?

So I took a look around, and formulated some lists!

Who’s Modeling The Ten Qualities Of Social Media Superstars?

1. Humility

2. Passion

3. Inclusive

4. Engaging

5. Deep Niche Knowledge

6. Prolific Content Producers

7. Always Adding Value

8. 100% Consistency

9. True Leaders

10. Proven Track Record

* My lists are meant to compliment Mari’s.

So above, you see who influences me!

What is your definition of a Superstar?

Who inspires you?

Are there individuals that should be included above?

Looking forward to your comments below! 🙂