Idea Girl Media shares her Super Bowl XLV confessionAre you a football fan?

Will you be tweeting your enthusiasm and disapproval of important plays?

Maybe Facebook-ing your experience?

I’m about to own up to a little secret…

I don’t really care about football.

Confession: I don’t usually know who is playing in the Super Bowl until after it’s played.

While for many people watching the Super Bowl is like the moment they’ve been waiting for alllll year…  I’m usually happy enough to hear about the score on the news the next day (or not), and learn the day after which commercials were hip and cool.

My friend Laura Wagner, of Webs By Wagner, is counting down the minutes and seconds until the big event.  Even on her website!  My sister, originally from Michigan but now living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is amazed at the native “Cheese Head” excitement, but will probably join some friends to watch the game.

Me, I’m happy to finish a project, read a book, or go to a movie with my talented daughter.

The biggest tickle I’ll probably get from the Super Bowl XLV game will be this video for Network Solutions with Chloris Leachman:

Gooooooooo0000 Granny!!!!  🙂

Are you going to hold it against me????