Green Bay Packers & Pittsburgh SteelersAre you a small business owner?

A non-profit director?

A professional in transition trying to find your place as a solopreneur?

In each case, if you are passionate about your cause and want to succeed, you never stop.  You are always fine-tuning your operation, you are always looking for nice people to help spread the word, and it seems there is never enough funding or manpower.

A small business owner’s or non-profit director’s job is never done. That is, if you’re still in your growing years and you want to succeed.  Meetings don’t occur just Monday through Friday.

Through tweeting online – I believe on a Follow Friday – I became acquainted with the founder of a small organization working to connect businesses and non-profits in both Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio to create something she’s calling, “FUNraising.”

A tweet and some back and forth later, we’re finally getting together for coffee today.  As someone with a well-rounded small business perspective, quite a bit of non-profit experience, and even some work in fundraising, I’m hoping I can help her.  I’m optimistic!  In fact, I’m really looking forward to what this relationship might bring!!

My approach to most everything is, “There are 24 hours in a day – lets use them!” So for me, getting together on a Saturday is par for the course.

Ya know – It’s a bit like football.  Do you think the Packers and the Steelers are on vacation today?

Are you honing your business on weekends?  Is it “game-on” or “game-off” for you on weekends?

What’s your approach?  Let me know below.