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Isn’t it great…

Just when you least expect it, the Easter Bunny leaves you a treat!

Inspired by a conversation on Facebook, it was a pleasure meeting up with a friend on Good Friday — We enjoyed free coffee (for Earth Day), a latte, and some shared trade secrets.

From the interaction I learned about the differences in the way men and women face challenges, and that every person — male or female — has both feminine and masculine tendencies.  The trick is finding the even balance between the two.

In sharing my profession, I was able to give some pointers on getting greater results from social media.

But again I learned:

  • One-on-one training can indeed be beneficial! (my focus had been other)
  • Understanding is individual – What one person brushes aside, another considers great discovery.
  • A list of services is a just list of services.
  • For payment, we owe our customers a good value.

The conversation with my friend led me to re-evaluate my list of social media services.  How it is organized, what I offer, and how I offer it.  Further, my usual attention to detail needs not be absent from this very important part of my business!

Treats From The Easter Bunny

The meeting mentioned above, and several other one-on-one conversations, motivate me to create an Easter Basket Full Of Social Media Treats, if you will.  Even if a bit belated.

This upcoming week I’ll cover some basic yet helpful social networking tips that you can easily plug in to what you are already doing!  Wednesday, of course, I will continue with the 8th Way Ohio Political Candidates Can ROCK Their Social Media. (Access the first seven here).

But that still leaves plenty of golden eggs for your Social Media Easter Basket!!

The Social Media Easter Basket

Here’s what you can expect coming up:

  • Sunday – An Easter Greeting with a special surprise “blast from the past.”
  • Monday – Social Network Tip.
  • Tuesday – Social Network Tip.
  • Wednesday – 8th Way Ohio Political Candidates Can ROCK Their Social Media.
  • Thursday – Social Network Tip.
  • Friday – Social Network Tip.
  • Saturday – Groovy Finds.

The video tips have been the most popular, so expect some of those.  Should be a great week coming up — can’t wait!

Which social network mystifies you most?

Are there specific tips you’d like to see?

Please tell me in the comment box below! 🙂