Idea Girl Media discusses Facebook Etiquette for Tagging Photos

Has this happened to you?

You’re running around the Facebook playground:

Catching up on news…

Chatting with friends…

Visiting your favorite pages…

You go to update your personal status, and…

TAG – You’re it!

One of your Facebook friends has tagged you in a photo — and you had no idea it was coming!!

Scrapes & Bruises

Ever since Facebook changed the layout of profiles and pages, I’ve been even more guarded about picture tags…

Every time someone tags you in a photo, the image arrangement in your 5-picture banner changes. I made a special banner, and I want to keep it visible to those that would visit my profile.

More of issue:

Often enough,  I’ve been tagged on images that had nothing to do with me:

  • I was not in the photo.
  • I was not involved with the event in the picture.
  • I was not mentioned on the image.

My best analogy of that: Social media knock-knock split!

Wound Care

Here is a prescription of sorts for when tagging images is appropriate:

  • To recognize someone in the photo.
  • Acknowledging someone that took the photo – if they gave permission.
  • Paying tribute for being an important part of an event.
  • Giving credit for creating an image or graphic.

Posting an image on the Internet involves someone’s personal space.

Tagged photos and images can be seen by those searching for someone — That includes potential employers.Always ask yourself: How would I feel if I were tagged in this photo?

The Right Band-Aids

Mari Smith, author of “Facebook Marketing – An Hour A Day,” offers a thorough look at Facebook Tagging Etiquette!  Be sure to check out her post, Facebook @ Tagging Etiquette – A Guide For Personal And Business Use.

All Facebook’s Ultimate Guide To Facebook Tagging Etiquette is a quick read and includes a short and cute video on the basics.

Getting Back on the Merry-Go-Round

In short – Don’t be the bully.  Refrain from playing knock-knock split, and you’ll avoid the playground whistle ending the fun.

Remember: Social media is about them…not you. So as long as you’re involving your friends and fans with tribute and respect, everyone logs off the playground with a smile.  🙂

Did I miss anything above?

Do you still have questions about tagging photos on Facebook?

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