CleverWraps for iPads - A Guest post for Idea Girl Media

We expect a lot of our mobile devices!

A guest post by Rich McElaney of brassCycle.

You might not realize it — but it’s scary to be a mobile phone!

Your mobile phone faces lots of dangerous situations every day that can damage it beyond repair, crack its screen, wipe its memory, gum up its keypad, and a whole host of other uncomfortable situations.

Most mobile phone covers are not water-resistant and don’t offer much protection. A protective mobile phone cover can prolong your mobile phone’s life — and keep its warranty intact — so it can serve you better, longer.

Here are several common scenarios that can render your mobile phone inoperable and possibly void the warranty…

Common Mobile Phone Disasters

1. Getting dropped in the toilet.  Oops!  You forgot your mobile phone was clipped to your belt and — whoops — there it goes.  Forgetting any squeamishness about germs, you grab it quickly, wipe it off and stick in a bag of rice for two days.  Will it ever work again?

2. Getting caught in the rain… Mobile phones decidedly do NOT like getting caught in the rain.  (They’re not too crazy about pina coladas, either.)  Even a few drops of water inside crucial components can damage your mobile phone if you don’t have it in a protective mobile phone cover.

3. Getting dropped in the sand.  Your mobile phone hates water;  but it’s not crazy about long walks on the beach, either.  Sand can get into the keys of your mobile phone and make them stick, scratch the touch screen, or just scratch the casing, giving your mobile phone that “well-used” look.

4. Diving off the boat or into the pool…and at the mid-point of your perfect dive you realize your phone is diving with you!  That refreshing dip will have dire consequences for your phone in the majority of cases.

CleverWraps - A Guest post for Idea Girl Media

CleverWraps - For mobile phones, eReaders & Tablets!

Most people offer little-to-no protection for their mobile phone as it goes out to face the wet and cruel world.


Want a solution to keep your mobile phone happy?

Avoid these scenarios with a re-usable, recyclable protective mobile phone cover from CleverWraps.

Have you had a mobile phone disaster?

Have you tried mobile phone protectors?

Please tell us your mobile phone adventures in the comment box below! 🙂

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