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Excellent Examples Of Women’s Business Leadership Over 50 Years

Posted 5th of November 2023 by Idea Girl Media

Excellent Examples Of Women's Business Leadership Over 50 Years details by generation at Idea Girl Media

There has been a great debate regarding the importance of female leadership in the workplace. Research shows the positive effects. Even so, there are barriers to female leadership. This article covers the evolution of women’s business leadership…

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The State Of Ukraine Media During The War With Russia [INTERVIEW] at Idea Girl Media

Since early 2022, the world has been privilege to Ukraine media live on news channels and social media. But not many have done Ukraine media analysis, how this affects the country, its people and the business climate. We do that for you here…

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Five Key Steps To Localize A Business Overseas

Posted 28th of June 2022 by Idea Girl Media

Five Key Steps To Localize A Business Overseas listed and explained at Idea Girl Media

What are the benefits of business localization? In short, it is the long-term brand reputation and business survival in all of your locations. Concerns are costs, branding, translation and more. This article details how to localize a business anywhere…

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