Top female executives have the challenge of leading their team while prioritizing health concerns where they might be more sensitive. A few simple adjustments are key. Here are five easy changes…

5 Reasons Female Executives Should Re-Design Their Desk Jobs

There is nothing fun about sitting at a desk all day. Sure, you can earn your paycheck doing it, but it’s going to play havoc on your back and your legs when you sit still for too long.

On the flip side, you can get up and down and walk around the office. But it stalls your workplace productivity:

  • You’re not sitting to do the work you need to get done
  • Your team will feel interrupted, and they are less productive

You need to find a balance to the stress on your body in the office. That means:

  • Looking at where you might be feeling pain
  • Seeing how your movement and actions are affecting you
  • Making adjustments for unnoticed stresses based on medical advice

If you’re not sure if your stationary job is having an impact on your health, then chances are you have changes to make. Female executives, here’s why your desk job is harming your health.

5 Reasons Female Executives Should Re-Design Their Desk Jobs

Sitting Isn’t Great For Your Body

We are designed to move, and eight hours of immobility at a desk is not the way you were meant to spend your day. You can be an excellent professional sitting in proper task chairs to support your back, but unless you’re also moving and adjusting yourself throughout the day, you’re going to struggle.

Sitting too much can lead to:

  • Sore legs
  • An aching back
  • Rounded, painful shoulders

And even increased risk of heart disease.

Female Executives Slouching? Stop that!

We talked about the right chairs, but you need to nurture your own good posture. Think about how slouching at your desk is going to put pressure on your stomach and your ribs.

Slouching also causes a lot of neck pain and pulling on your shoulders. It’s not ideal, and it makes your posture eventually settle into a hunched state.

The Computer Screen Is Not Good For Your Eyes

There is nothing wrong with sitting at the computer to work. But there can be a lot wrong with staring at the same screens all day without support.

  • Do you deal with eye strain and headaches?
  • Are you experiencing an ache right behind your sinuses?

Those are symptoms of staring at the computer for too long, and getting an eye test is important. Also understand you might notice eye strain when you feel nauseous and dizzy.

Eating At Your Desk Leads To Stomach Aches

If you sit at your desk all day, and often sit at your desk to eat your breakfast or lunch, you’re going to feel more stomach aches. While it’s good to sit and eat, you’re more inclined to slouch when you sit at your desk, which is not good for your stomach.

Sitting at a desk all day is not good for the health of anyone in an office job. It’s vital that you spend lunch and break times outside of the office, if possible, and not sitting at your desk.

Meetings Are Often A Net Negative

Leaders often host long meetings to get a message across to their teams. Well intended, but these meetings can often lead to a drop in staff productivity.

Meetings can be depressing if staff are shut in a small conference room on a gray day. Additionally, meetings are not very motivational unless they involve food – a lunch catered by a favorite restaurant, or perhaps a delicious dessert bar.