Even if you don’t have a green company name, making choices to be a greener company can mean big annual savings. Here are 7 ways your business can do it…

Being A Green Company: How Your Business Can Make Substantial Annual Savings

Businesses regularly face multiple challenges each day, such as increased competition,
spiraling overheads, and an evolving marketplace. To succeed in an industry, you must
continually make changes to both develop and grow.

The more money a company has in the bank and the more technologies they can adopt, the
more prepared they’ll be for a disaster or out-pacing non green companies. Increase your bottom line by finding out how your business can make substantial annual savings through eco-friendly tactics.

Buy Energy-Efficient Equipment

Would you like to enjoy long-term savings?

Invest in energy-efficient equipment, which could help you to save hundreds or thousands on your energy bill every year, depending on your company’s size.

For example, depending on your business, you could purchase:

Or a biomass boiler.

All can offer efficiency that result in cost savings.

Reduce Your Workplace Temperature By One Degree

If you would like to save approximately 10% on your company’s annual heating bill, consider doing something many top green companies are already doing: Drop your workplace temperature by as little as one degree.

It’s a small reduction that could make a big difference to your company’s bank balance. In turn, you take one step in being kinder to the environment.

Cut Waste To Boost Profits

By cutting waste to reduce your dependency on waste disposal products you can better your
bottom line. For example:

  • Fix broken computers
  • Avoid disposable office supplies
  • Up-cycle old or worn furniture

Such efforts can prevent products from filling up landfill.  Additionally, you won’t need to buy new products or stock up on extra supplies, which can improve your company’s yearly finances.

Eliminate Lazy Business Habits

Lazy business habits can hurt your company’s bank balance. Encourage savings by
eliminating the behaviors that are prohibiting your profitability.

For example, remind employees not to waste paper, or unnecessarily waste water. You could also strategically place desk fans in your server room for effective cooling, and encourage staff to shutdown their computers after each working day to save energy.

Start Using The Cloud

Paper waste can take its toll on the environment and also take a substantial amount off your
finances throughout the year. Become a paperless company by decreasing printing across
the workplace.

Instead, use the cloud, which is an online document sharing application such as:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Office 365

Utilize the above to send, edit, and collaborate on files.

Bleed Radiators To Warm Up Your Workplace

Bleeding radiators is a simple way to save money on your energy bills each year.

Removing the trapped air from the radiator coils will allow it to heat up evenly, which will ensure it efficiently operates during winter. So, you will not need to turn up your heating to warm up
your office, which can lead to a nice savings.

Appoint A Green Champion For Your Green Company

If you want to ensure all the points mentioned above are enforced and your business sees all potential benefits, you should appoint a green champion. It will be their responsibility to tick every task off the list each day, which can improve internal efficiency and, as a result, help your business attain great savings.

Having a green champion on staff will also give your brand good appearance.  Lead the way and be one of the green company examples — You can promote yours is an ethical, eco-friendly business in good conscience.