Something that should be on the mind of every manager or small business owner: Workplace Health. How safe is your workplace? Are you looking for happy workplace ideas? Here are four steps to policies that nurture employee comfort…

4 Effective Ways To Prioritize Employee Comfort In Your Workplace

The workplace can be an uncomfortable and stressful environment for many but it’s in your interest, as a manager or small business owner, you are making it as comfortable as possible. You want your employees want to come to work … that’s often part of the battle. You’ll need to get people into the office and the way to do that is with positive qualities that make them want to be there.

Be the employer that has their customers’ and employees’ best interests at heart by:

  • Contracting an excellent commercial cleaning company in the office
  • Ensuring staff feel they are working in a clean or hygienic environment
  • Asking your team what makes them the most comfortable
  • Making policies that protect workers’ best interest

People want to work. It’s not just about salaries. They want to take pride in their role.

As an employer it’s up to you to take pride in your employees and their comfort. Do that by facilitating a high level of happiness in their jobs.

So, what’s the secret to how to maximize employee comfort and productivity?

Be Proactive Regarding Aggression

Have a harassment policy accessible to everybody. Workplace harassment happens … at increasing levels every day. Just because people aren’t coming forward right away doesn’t mean that things are completely honkey dory.

As an employer or business leader, be vigilant about that. Have a policy in place that everybody is made aware of and can easily understand. It should not be hard to report incidents when needed.

In addition, there should be a strong message that harassment will not tolerated at all. Yet, there should be a clear outline of the process:

  • Types of harassment
  • Reports harassment
  • Steps that occur after the initial report of harassment

And what qualifies for employment termination. Your employees need to feel like you have every confidence in them and keeping them safe at work is a priority.


If you want people to come back to the office when they have been working from home, you might need to dangle the carrot to get them back in the office. It may mean adding perks regarding lowering costs of their commute to offering a hybrid work model.


Drop the professional dress code if you can. It is decreasingly necessary and less expensive for your employees.

People are spending upwards of eight hours a day in your office. They should be comfortable while working.

If your business does not see outside clients all the time then consider allowing more comfortable attire for most days and more formal attire for appointments or when there will be visitors. You might even offer polos or dress shirts with your company logo so there is a uniformity.

When people feel physically comfortable they are more happy and productive.

Employee Comfort Means Being Approachable

Implement an open door policy. You want people to be comfortable when they have a problem. An open door policy encourages communication from all team members and it ensures that people feel like they are working for a company that cares.

You must then follow through and show you actually care.