Are you a small business owner looking for a solid recruitment and retention plan for employees? Here is a quick guide to get you started and help you move into the future with a strong team to grow your company and strengthen your brand…

3 Considerations Small Business Owners Should Make Before Finalizing Their Recruitment And Retention Plan

Every new small business owner experiences recruitment and retention challenges.

One thing about running a small business is that there is not usually a vast employment pool from which we can draw talent if someone is off sick or leaves the company. In fact, we have to survive and thrive with the people that we do have. That makes choosing the best employees and keeping them quite crucial.

3 Considerations Small Business Owners Should Make Before Finalizing Their Recruitment And Retention Plan outlined at Idea Girl Media

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There’s no doubt that you’ll want the best and brightest individuals on your team. The key is making your company an attractive place to work so stellar candidates apply to work in your business.

The details outlined below are meant to be a recruitment and retention quick guide for the small business owner, and also those working on strengthening their teams. Let’s dive in…


If you are going to attract and retain the very best employees, then you need to ensure that your benefits package is a desirable one. It must include: 

  • A competitive salary
  • Health and medical insurance
  • Sick or flex days

Gym memberships, company vehicles, and celebrated employee events will also go a long way to enchanting current and prospective employees.

Making the lives of your employees a little easier may be enough to tip them in favor of your business when they have a choice. That will be an asset when considering recruitment.

Aim for providing value that is delivered without conflict. Once team members are on-board, if they experience too much friction related with their promised benefits package, they may jump ship. That defeats the goal of retention.


Of course, it really doesn’t matter how excellent the benefits offered are if your employees have to take unnecessary risks to do the jobs. That is why the health and safety of your employees – both physical and mental – should be a high priority.

There is a lot you can do to promote the health and safety of staff to ensure that their work environment is safe. This may mean:

  • Putting up signs to warn of particular hazards
  • Regularly maintaining air filtration systems 
  • Investing in the right type of flooring 

You will also want to implement a workplace safety training program to include videos like this one:


The workplace environment should be reflective of the type of work done at your small business. Of course, you’ll be implementing safe choices here too.

Several commercial flooring companies offer concrete and epoxy floor known to be the safest option for commercial and manufacturing environments. This type of flooring tends to be hardwearing and attractive, meaning you don’t have to compromise on performance to ensure safety.

In contrast, a professional services office will require different flooring. Safety is still a concern, but so is tasteful decor for comfort and style. Tile, hardwood or laminate flooring is typical. A rug like this one (see below) would be appropriate for:

  • Executive offices
  • Waiting rooms
  • Office hallways where clients might walk
Idea Girl Media offers insight on the importance of Safety And Environment relative to Recruitment and Retention

Ottomanson Ottohome Collection Contemporary Paisley Design Modern Area Rug

Be sure to invest in the appropriate padding to keep the rug from sliding, or tripping people walking through on a mission.


Of all the recruitment and retention strategies, this is perhaps your most important, small business owner!

When it comes to finding and keeping the best team members, it’s vital you realize the value of offering them training opportunities. Yes, job training. But also educational opportunities that offer recognized qualifications and personal development.

Many entrepreneurs think that if they train their employees too well, the team member will want to leave. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Especially if you get the other other elements of recruitment and retention right.

To affirm the point:  By providing extra training for your employees, you are actually showing a willingness to invest in their wellbeing and job satisfaction. This becomes an investment in their increased productivity and performance. In turn, an investment in your company’s success.

You will probably also find this boosts their morale, encouraging them to stay will your company long term. And that is among the best practices for recruitment and retention!