Want to increase revenue? The key is happy employees & contractors that feel appreciated. Here are 5 tips for incentivizing your marketing team to keep growing your bottom line…

The keys to a solid marketing team structure your employees will love + will also reward YOU

When it comes to growing a strong and successful marketing team, nothing shows how much you appreciate their efforts like employee incentives. Employee incentives not only provide team members with something to work toward, they also give you the opportunity to show your appreciation for all of their hard work.

There are a variety of ways to demonstrate your appreciation in the workplace as you strive to develop a results-driven team of marketing professionals, including bonuses, team planning and ensuring they have access to the proper tools and technology to make them successful at their job.

Here are 5 tips for incentivizing your marketing team…

Team Planning

It’s important to set and stretch goals with your team, instead of for your team. It can be easy to sit down and hash out the nitty-gritty details based on your personal preferences, but getting your marketing team involved will show that you value their opinions while giving them some ownership over the goals being set.

It also gives you the opportunity to listen to outside perspectives and ideas — who knows, they may come up with something that hadn’t crossed your mind. 

Acknowledge And Reward

Setting goals might be an important step, but it’s not necessarily the most important step.

Being able to acknowledge and reward team or employee successes is incredibly important if you want to encourage continued success. If results are being driven without acknowledgement, the purpose and drive of the team may start to decline resulting in fewer successes.

By acknowledging the efforts of your team and rewarding them for their successes, they are much more likely to rally for you in the long run.


Micro-bonus programs like Bonusly allow your team members to reward each other with small bonuses they can use toward gift cards, donations, nearby restaurants, Starbucks or other rewards. By implementing a program that allows employees to give bonuses to one another, it takes some of the onus off of you, and gives your team the opportunity to encourage, reward and appreciate each other’s successes. 

Actual Bonuses

Incorporating an end-of-year bonus into your fiscal budget is a great way to incentivize employees when they meet their targets and goals. Recognize opportunities for bonuses at the beginning of the year so employees know what they need to achieve in order to attain their end of year bonus and have something to work toward.

Also be sure to indicate if there is an opportunity to achieve additional bonuses based on stretch-goals.

It Pays To Provide Top Of The Line Gadgets For Your Marketing Team as explained at Idea Girl Media

Top Of The Line Gadgets

In order for your employees to successfully do their jobs, they need to have access to top-of-the-line gadgets to support them in their day-to-day campaigns and tasks. The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is a great device that allows team members to contribute to working documents via apps like Evernote or Google Docs, track sales and marketing campaigns, and test on top tier devices.

Yes…Incentivize Your Marketing Team

It’s all about leadership.  Incentivizing a growing marketing team is a great way to ensure they perform their best. Encourage your team by: 

  • Providing them with top-of-the-line gadgets and technology
  • Including them in goal setting
  • Acknowledging and rewarding their successes

Also provide them with the opportunity to acknowledge each other.

Happy marketing team members = ROI with bigger bottom line.  🙂