Are your short term marketing objectives to increase sales? Then, business owner, you need these four tips for increasing short-term sales…

Short-Term Sales Strategies And Tactics For Business Owners

As a business owner, you know that making sales today, tomorrow and next week is imperative to the future success of your company. While you probably have long-term goals and plans in place to have a successful year, you should focus on some short term sales goals to increase your current performance rates.

Also make any needed adjustments that will impact year-over-year sales growth. Here are four ways to maximize short-term sales.

1. Look Into Using CRM Software

CRM software is a very effective tool that can help with lead management. For instance, bpm’online is an exceptionally agile and user-friendly CRM platform that is ideal for mid-size and large companies to project short-term sales. It can also help to determine any weak spots that may be taking place in the sales process.

By using a CRM like bpm’online, business owners can take a very tangible look at company sales data and determine if something is being missed or overlooked. If you notice any obvious gaps, you can fine tune your strategies to improve sales.

2. Focus On Your Current Customers

Another effective way to increase sales is tempting your current clientele to come back to your company for additional reasons. Do this is by giving existing customers an inside scoop to a special sale. If you have a promotion coming up, tell your clientele that they will have first crack at the sale prices and merchandise, such as one day earlier in-person or online.

You can:

  • Email them
  • Call them
  • Snail mail them

Alternately, you could let them know in a well-identified social media post, or when they come into your store.

Customers typically love the feeling that they are in a select group with special access, so chances are they will respond well and your short-term sale numbers will rise.

3. Set Up A Customer Rewards Program

Another effective way to improve your short-term sales numbers is by launching a customer rewards program. It can be:

  • A simple punch card that gives people a free item after a certain number of purchases
  • A promise of a freebie on their birthday
  • A points system that accumulates for every dollar spent

Many customers like this type of program, and in order to earn the free items and/or increase their point totals, they may be inspired to return to your company more often.

4. Refresh Your Customer Service Skills

To most optimally boost short-term sales, try going back to the basics regarding customer service.

If a new or existing customer is treated rudely or feels like he or she is getting the runaround, you will probably lose the short-term sale and future sales as well.

This is especially true for industry sectors where physical interactions are crucial for sales success, such as door-to-door sales reps. Most customers will likely listen to an impromptu sales pitch about home improvement services or local politics. But some topics, such as pest removal, for example, can be tricky.

How does a sales rep catch someone’s attention at the door with such a difficult topic? The answer is with dedicated practice and pest door-to-door sales training with a real life scenario. Sales training should include psychology so your team can rapidly read the potential customers and react accordingly.

Psychology is at the core of customer service essentials, from the first approach to making customers feel valued.

Customers love personalization, so make a strong effort to get to know them and their preferences. In addition, if and when mistakes happen, apologize with big genuine gestures, fix the problem quickly, and throw a bonus goodie into the bag or box. Going the extra mile for your customers should lead to escalated short-term and long-term sales.

Marketing Strategies That Focus On Quick Short Term Sales

Although keeping the big picture in mind is definitely important as a business owner, it is crucial to focus on short-term sales as well. By incorporating the above strategies, you should see a tangible increase in your current sales data that will contribute to a successful year.