Feel like you need more time each day? By improving your time management skill, you can save time in multiple ways to work on developing your business…

Time Management For New Entrepreneurs

Life can become a real challenge when you’re busy all the time. When it does not seem like you have enough time to perform all of your normal work, it’s easy to find yourself feeling frustrated. Especially when at least some of the tasks you’re doing could be handled by someone else.

The work has to be done, and someone has to do it.  Often in the beginning making you become the perfect candidate to do it.

Good news! This post will help you start finding some ways to claim back some of your time, as we explore some of the key areas which can be tedious and eat many minutes in a modern business.

Below, find eight time management tips to save five minutes during your day.

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Pack Your Lunch

It’s absolutely essential to be sure that you’re eating wisely during each of the days you spend at work. Without this, you won’t be able to do your job very well, and it will quickly start to show. But waiting in line at the store or in a food place eats up a lot of your time.

Instead, it’s better to spend a little bit of time at home, making a healthful lunch you can take with you that keeps you fueled all day long.

Clean Your Computer

Waiting for:

  • Files to load
  • Programs to start
  • Your computer to boot

Can eat up a lot of time if you are frequently waiting.

In a lot of cases, these machines only slow down because they are a mess, making it easy to solve the problem. There are many guides published on the web to help you out, and it should be easy to figure out what was slowing things down once you’ve put reasonable effort in working on it.

Generate Your Documents

There are a number of business documents which are repeatedly used. Filling them out entirely each instance can slowly eat up hours of your time over a month.

Using tools like an invoice generator can be a game-changer. Instead of wasting significant time doing the documents by hand, automate this part of your business systems.  This ensures your invoices:

  • Include branding
  • Include all essential details
  • Go out on time

And show consistency for your customers.

Create Email Templates

Like creating uniform documents, it can be easy to spend a huge amount of time writing emails over and over again. Email marketing messages can be automate.  But we’re talking about the day to day.

Look for ways to put together templates for these common email messages sent by you and your team. Once the templates are created, simply copy and paste the information as you need it.

Use A Password Manager

Have you ever been stuck when you forgot a password and you desperately need to get into the account to facilitate some business process? Using forgotten password links usually takes a lot of time, and most people will also forget their secret answers, making this whole experience long inconvenient.

To avoid this, it will be worth using a password manager suite like Lastpass to keep all of this information for you. Simple: Find passwords wherever you are.

Optimize Your Commute

A lot of people assume that using their car is the fastest way to commute to and from work, spending a huge amount of their time on the road. In reality, public transport can often be quicker than driving yourself, if you live in a metropolitan area.  You will also find priority road areas for vehicles with multiple passengers making drive times shorter.

Alternatively, you could consider the idea of bicycling your commute, as this is often quicker, too.

Follow The Right Patterns

There isn’t much point in getting into work, making a cup of coffee and catching up with colleagues, before sitting down and starting the long process of booting your computer. The time you spent getting ready could have been used to get your machine up and running.

There are many typical patterns like this at work, and it is worth looking for ways to be efficient to save some time.

Automate Your Work

It’s time to think about automating some of your work. The good news is there are many free or low-cost time management tools to choose from.

If you get a lot of phone calls, having an on-site assistant or virtual assistant to field them could be a great help, saving loads of time answering the same questions over and over. Likewise, a lot of small jobs can be handled with software, giving you the chance to avoid data entry and other time consuming tasks in favor of spending time on developing your business.

The Bottom Line On Time Management

Hopefully, this time management article will inspire you to start working harder on saving time while you are at work. Even if you gain just five minutes here and there.

Keeping your both your team and your customers happy with efficiency should always be a top priority.