Do you really want to be successful on social media, and be loved by your fans and followers? Here are 3 ways to kill it with social media marketing and rock your online reputation…

Social Media Marketing Helps Brands Manage Their Online Reputations – Here’s How

It’s no secret that the online world is taking over both our social lives and our business environment. Social media in particular has been such a driving force for marketers, most likely due to its wide reach and ability to build unique relationships and engagement with customers.

In fact, digital software company Vendasta found that, currently, 74% of consumers depend on social media to guide their purchases, providing a huge opportunity for brands to onboard new and loyal followers.  But this cannot be done unless companies master their social media marketing skills.

So let’s take a look at 3 ways to kill it with social media marketing strategies that any business can use right now. 

1. Quality Is Key In Social Media Marketing

With so many social accounts and varied platforms, having good quality content is vital to setting your company apart from the crowd. These days, with regular people building thousands of followers with good content, brands not making quality posts will be passed over as irrelevant.

One aspect of quality definitely comes from catering to each specific platform individually.  For example: 

  • Instagram is for creative and visually stunning photography or videos
  • Facebook is for great copy, advertising events and reposting content from other platforms
  • Twitter is ideal for those awesome one-liners and building communities through unique hashtags

Make sure you think carefully about each platform, and what is considered good quality for each, and be sure that every post strictly follows these social media marketing guidelines.

2. Understand How To Engage Your Audience

Social media is all about being social with your audience as a way of getting them excited about and engaging with your brand.

But how can you attract them to your company if you don’t know what appeals to them?

Having a solid understanding of:

  • Who your target audience is
  • What they like and dislike
  • Their lifestyle

Those things are key to attracting a large and brand-centric following. 

Amway, for example, knows that their audience consists of people passionate about living a healthy life, and therefore their posts consist of healthy holiday recipes, nutritious food choices and the health benefits of some of their products. This is information that they know their audience will find interesting, and therefore they are efficient in building a strong following. 

3. Be Creative With Your Social Media Marketing

There is so much activity online everyday, and people’s exposure to content is almost over-saturated.  Therefore, as a business it’s important to keep your audience on their toes and constantly excited — They need to feel like they are being exposed to something unique by following your brand on social media.

How can you do this? 

Be creative with your social media posts, and try to share different types of content all the time.  A couple of ideas for you… 

  • Initiate a photo competition on Instagram, and ask users to attach a hashtag so they can see each others’ photos
  • Ask questions on Facebook and ask followers to reply in the comments to start a conversation.

Integrating platforms, re-posting content from followers and creating partnerships with likeminded companies, are also great ways to keep things interesting for your fans and followers.

One More Thing On Social Media Marketing…

Managing your social media is not just about attracting new customers and building profits, but has a lot to do with managing your online reputation. With everyone and everything found online these days, it is vital for a company to remain in good standing.  It is also essential to have a killer social media presence.

Get those things right with your social media marketing strategy, and you’ll kill it on your chosen platforms, and be loved by your audience!